Canada: Justin Trudeau exposed

When it comes to Canada’s foreign policy toward Islamic Republic of Iran – Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is no different than his predecessor Stephen Harper, an Israeli poodle.

In 2014, pro-Harper lobby had blamed Justin Trudeau being pro-IranNearly two years in power, Trudeau hasn’t re-established diplomatic relations with Iran or removed that country from Canada’s state sponsor of terrorism list (Syria is the only other country on the list). Don’t expect any changes under Canada’s current Zionist Jew foreign minister Chrystia Freeland. Justin Trudeau, behind his lip-service to Palestinian, is a blind supporter of the Zionist entity.

On the rest of the world, Trudeau foreign policy is not much different than Harper’s Israel is the world crap.. Canadian soldiers can be spotted fighting Israel’s proxy wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Egypt, and several other places (here).

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi visited Ottawa in 2015. Even though India refuses to join NPT club, Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with India. In June 2016, Justin Trudeau attended the so-called the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons conference at UN headquarters in New York. While the participant criticized India, Pakistan and North Korea over their military nuclear programs for military purposes – no one dared to whisper Israel’s 240 nuclear bombs. Iran, like Canada is signatory to NPT and posses no nuclear WMD – has held three World Without Nukes conferences in Tehran so far.

Justin Trudeau has 4 Indian-origin cabinet ministers while it has only one minister to represent country’s largest (over one million) Muslim community, Somali-born Ahmed Hussen, minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship. Personally I don’t know what kind of ‘Muslim’ Mr. Hussen. However, it’s enough to know the Israeli-Hindutva lobbyist Tarek Fatah called Mr. Hussen, My Kind of Muslim in a Op-Ed he penned for Jewish-owned Toronto Sun on January 17, 2017.

Justin Trudeau has said that his government is committed to deliver US$15 billion worth sale of Light Armoured Vehicle to Saudi Arabia approved by Harper government. Trudeau has also maintained the Harper created Canada-Gulf Cooperation Council Dialogue, which is a platform for foreign ministers to discuss economic ties and the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. The GCC includes the monarchies of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, which have almost all intervened in the devastating US-lsrael-Saudi war in Yemen.

Trudeau government continue to isolate Canada from world opinion on Palestinian rights. Under the Jewish Lobby pressure, it has voted against numerous UN resolutions supported by almost the entire world upholding Palestinian rights.

Last year, I had predicted (here) that Justin Trudeau’s actions in Muslim world wouldn’t much different than Stephen Harper due to Trudeau family’s close relation with Zionist Jews. Justin’s Catholic father, 4-times prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was the first Canadian prime minister to appoint a Jew in his cabinet. He also dated Hollywood Jewish singer and actress Barbara Streisand for years in the 1970s.

The above cover of Canadian Dimension magazine exposes the truth. Below the word SURPRISE! it showed a Justin Trudeau mask being removed to reveal Stephen Harper.


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