India to China: ‘This is not 1962’!

This is not 1962, said Indian defense minister Arun Jaitley on Friday in response to China’s reminder that India should learn from its military humiliation in 1962 war with China.

Threats exchange happened after the Chinese troops entered the Indian state of Sikkim and destroyed two Indian bunkers. Chinese troops also engaged in a fight with Indian troops, who were guarding the border at the location.

Earlier China lodged diplomatic protests with India on June 26, alleging that Indian troops crossed the border between the two countries in the Sikkim region, the Press Trust of India reported on Tuesday, June 27. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said China has lodged “solemn representations” with India. “Our position to uphold our territorial sovereignty is unwavering,” Kang said.

India should take measures to ease tensions along the border area, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on the matter of restoring entry access to Indian pilgrims. Lu said that to maintain good China-Indian ties, the Chinese government has made great efforts to offer convenience for Indian pilgrims.

Indian frontier officers had entered into China’s sovereign territory through the Sikkim section of the India-China border, and China had to take countermeasures. For security concerns, China has suspended the entry of Indian pilgrims to China’s Tibet Autonomous Region via the Nathu La Pass in the Sikkim section of the India-China border,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lu said.

In 1962, the Indian army crossed Chinese border but when challenged by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the Indian army ran like chicken without head in front of PLA which chased it over 200 miles inside Indian territory.

Since India has now become world’s largest arms buyer, and supported by Uncle Sam, Russia and the Zionist entity – its army chief Gen. Bipin Rawat has been bullying both China and Pakistan.

United States has a long history of anti-China activities. The US fought China during the 1950 Korean War which resulted in the death of 36,000 American soldiers, half million Chinese and over one million Koreans. Since then, Washington has tried to encircle China with pro-US regime such as Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and currently India.

Pakistan is the first Muslim-majority nation which recognized Communist China in 1948. Even though, Pakistan joined US-alliance against the Soviet Union in the 1950s, it never stopped its close military and financial relations with China – and has refused to recognized pro-US Taiwan regime to this day. Pakistan arranged US president Nixon’s landmark visit to China in 1972.

On Oct. 25, 1971, the United Nations General Assembly voted to admit the People’s Republic of China and to expel the Western Chinese proxy Taiwan. The Communist China, therefore assumed Taiwan place in the General Assembly as well as its place as one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. Since then, China is the only UNSC veto power which has defended Pakistan against India’s anti-Pakistan activities. The other four, the US, UK, Russia and France have always sided with India even during India’s war on East Pakistan, in 1970 which resulted in the creation of pro-India and Pro-Israel Bangladesh.

The Chinese government has invested over US$150 billion in Pakistan’s nuclear, military and infrastructure sectors so far.


3 responses to “India to China: ‘This is not 1962’!

  1. the USA also DEFENDED China during WWII… and sent supplies to support the Flying Tigers of Gen. Chennault’s base, over the Burma Road.
    It was only after Mao Tse tung ran Gen. Chiang Kai Shek off to Taiwan that the USA had any ‘problem’ with China. ^..^

  2. Also the “friends” of the USA who “encircle” China is pretty funny. Why not include Tibet and Mongolia? The only ‘friend’ in that list is Pakistan, who the USA ‘bought friendship’ with the evil Zia ul Haq, the butcher of democratic Pakistan who killed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto because of his popularity. ^..^

    • Usually the criminals and idiot call TRUTH ‘conspiracy theory’. Tibet is already occupied by China just like Muslim Eastern Turkistan. the US and India have been creating troubles in Tibet via CIA agent Dalai Lama.

      Mongolia owes its political sovereignty to Russia, therefore, it’s not friendly toward China.

      Pakistani dictator Gen. Zia-ul-Haq was crown by Washington to defeat Red Army occupying Afghanistan. After he completed his assignment in Afghanistan – he told military command that he wanted to do the same to Indian army occupying 60% of Jammu and Kashmir state what he did to Russia. That was against US-Russia interests in the region. So, CIA-Mossad killed Zia along with American Jewish ambassador in Islamabad.

      Zulifqar Ali Bhutto was an Indian creep. Indira Gandhi used to call him UNCLE. He was a alcoholic-womanizer bastard. He was hanged like an ordinary criminal for helping India create Bangladesh and murder of an important opposition political leader. Hanging only happened only when both the US and India refused to give Bhutto political asylum.

      Gen. Haq is known as Butcher of Palestinian in Jordan. During the King Hussein’s massacre PLO fighters and supporter on the behest of Israel – Brig. Gen. Zia-ul-Haq was a military adviser to King Hussein of Jordan – the most beloved Arab leader by the Israeli Jews. King’s burial was attended by Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu and several Zionist rabbis.

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