Budapest: Police raids Jewish ‘Aurora Cafe’

On June 28, Budapest mayor István Tarlós, a Zionist whore, office notified management at city’s main Jewish Lobby establishment Aurora Café that its license to serve liquor and food had been revoked as result of the facility’s drug-peddling activities.

Two weeks ago, Aurora Café was raided by 30 police officers who detained and questioned 15 suspected cannabis at the facility, according to Daniel Mayer, an official of Aurora Café.

The Aurora Café is owned and run by Hungarian Jewish organization Maroman Israeli propaganda front, and is largely funded by Hungarian Jewish multi-billionaire George Soro, the man behind color revolutions – from Libya, Ukraine to Syria. George Soro has been declared persona non grata by Russian president Vladimir Putin followed by the anti-Muslim immigration Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban.

Aurora Café has a synagogue, the office of Marom, bar, and a meeting space for pro-Israel groups such as LGBT, Roma, and members of anti-Muslim Hungarian Christian Democratic Party – but Muslim (only 5,000 among 10 million population) groups and members of country’s 3rd largest Jobbik party are not welcomed at the facility.

The bar and garden café provide us with at least 80 percent of our budget. Aurora depends on this budget to keep running and if they take it away from us, it can be a huge problem. Aurora will fight the closure in court. We are urgently asking for support, also financially because if we don’t find alternative funding from donations, then they will really succeed in closing us down,” said Daniel Mayer in a statement.

Rabbi Michael Paley of UJA-Federation of New York has condemned Hungarian government over Aurora Café ban. In 2013, the UJA-Federation awarded a grant to Marom for serving local Jewish and Israeli interests.

We were dismayed by the recent legislation against the Central European University (CEU) and anti-Semitic activities and rhetoric associated with the Jobbik party,” said Rabbi Paley.

“Hungary’s rising right-wing nationalism has posed threats to Aurora in the past. In May, a far-right nationalist group, known as the Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement, came to Aurora in the middle of a Sunday and posted photos with a cross that was drawn across George Soros’s face. They spray-painted Stop Operation Soros, with the symbol of their group in several places near the entrance to Aurora,” whined Shaina Shealy at the Jewish Daily Forward on June 28.

In December 2015, to the great horror to the organized Jewry, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban held a private meeting with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei in Tehran.

Hungary had been a vassal state of Muslim Turkey for 150 years (1541-1699).


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