Lobby: Muslim school girls assaulted on Holocaust trip

You got to love this news item, I did.

On Wednesday, UK’s government-funded Zionist-controlled BBC reported that a group of Muslim girls from a Berlin school, became target of religious and racial abuse by local Polish Christians while on trip to learn about the Jewish Holocaust on Tuesday.

According to BBC, one of the girl wearing hijab was spat by a Polish man in street in Lublin while another one was told to leave a shop for speaking Persian on her phone. Another Muslim girl reported that she was threatened with a knife.

However, the local police after examining the CCTV footage of the incidents, said that it did “not show any incident involving foreigners“.

The school trip – fully paid by the Holocaust Industry (watch a video below) was designed to teach students about Germany’s anti-Jewish past. The school girls visited labor camps at Majdanek and Treblinka, as well as the cities of Warsaw and Lodz, which allegedly had large Jewish populations before the WWII.

The BBC article also mentioned that most Muslims believe that Nazis carried Holocaust in order to populate Palestine.

After UK’s Jewish Lobby (the Board of Jewish Deputies) and its Zionist poodle Fiyaz Mughal, founder of Tell MAMA, protested against the news item, BBC retracted the Fake News without issuing an apology.

Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) was established by pro-Israel former British prime minister David Cameron government in 2012. It has received hundreds of thousands of pounds from British treasury to act as an Israeli propaganda outlet among the Muslim community. In April 2014  April, 2014  when Tell Mama announced the names of its new co-chairs – it included Shahid Rafique Malik, a former Labour MP and first Muslim cabinet minister and  Richard Benson, former chief executive of the Israel lobbying group – the Community Security Trust.

Our Canadian Salman Rushdie, Tarek Fatah, hates Shahid Malik over his anti-Israel racism and boasting that Britain could have a Muslim prime minister by 2030. I doubt that prediction but the Londoners recently elected an Israel-loving Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Last year, Ken Livingstone, ex-Mayor of London was suspended from Labour Party for stating that Adolf Hitler helped Zionist Jews to established state of Israel in Palestine.

I don’t understand why the Berlin school needed to fool young Muslim girls when Netanyahu claimed in October 2015 that Hitler didn’t want to kill Jews, but Mufti of Palestine twisted his arm fearing those unwanted European Jews would flood Muslim-majority Palestine. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is more honest than Netanyahu. She rebuked Netanyahu for insulting Holocaust – claiming that it were Germans and not Muslims who committed Holocaust.




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