Iranian missiles hit ISIS positions in Syria

On Tuesday, Iranian president Dr. Hassan Rouhani praised IRGC missile attack against headquarters and logistics of the US-Israel created ISIS terrorists in Deir Ez-Zor, the largest city in eastern Syria, on Sunday night (watch below) to punish perpetrators of the June 7 twin terrorist attacks  targeting  Iranian Parliament (Majlis) and mausoleum of Imam Khomeini, leader of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Iran’s approach regarding regional and global issues has not changed, but if a group wishes to harm Iran’s glory, it will receive a crushing response. The Islamic Republic will continue its path with grandeur and dignity,” stressed Rouhani.

After the ISIS terrorists’ attacks in Tehran which left more than a dozen killed and many more wounded, the IRGC had announced that the shedding of innocent blood will not go unanswered.

During the operation, a number of surface-to-surface mid-range missiles targeted ISIS terrorists from IRGC’s bases in Kermanshah and Kordestan provinces, in western Iran,” said a statement by the IRGC after its missile attacks.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said in a statement that the strike killed a large number of ISIS terrorists as well as destroyed important equipment and weapons.

American journalist, author, peace activist and blogger, Robert Fantina, penned an article on June 20, entitled, For the First Time in 30 Years Iran Has Bombed Anyone, A Warning to the US and Israel.

“The peaceful Iran, which has not invaded a country in over 200 years (are you listening, US?), recently bombed ISIS strongholds in Syria, in retaliation for the recent ISIS-sponsored terror attack in Tehran. This is the first time in thirty years that Iran has bombed anyone, which indicates that the patience of the leaders of that country is wearing thin. Israel and the US would be well-advised to proceed cautiously, before widening a war that will include Iran. When one plays with fire, one is bound to be burned eventually,” says Fantina.

The missile strike by Iran could be a mid-term game changer in the sense that it places Iran squarely into the frame of fighting international terrorism and ISIS. Up until this point, parties in the US led by pro-Israel neoconservatives, the Trump White House, and the sister lobbies of Israel and Saudi Arabia – have tried hard to enforce a strict party line that Iran is somehow The number one state sponsor of terror on the planet, despite the fact that no evidence is ever presented to back this sensational geopolitical plank,” Patrick Henningsen wrote at the Consortium News on June 21, 2017.


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