Hillary Clinton: I’m ‘Wonder Woman’ too!

Last Tuesday night, the organized Jewry’s most favorite American politician Hillary Clinton in a video message to the Women in Film’s Crystal + Lucy Awards compared herself to Hollywood comic Wonder Woman character (watch video below).

Hillary Clinton also praised Elizabeth Bank who was her greatest supporter from the entertainment industry during her 2016 presidential campaign.

Ironically, Hillary was not talking about Hollywood’s recent Israeli propaganda movie Wonder Woman dishing Israeli soldier-model-actress Gal Gadot who participated in 2006 Israeli war on Hizbullah. Hillary was in fact talking about the Jewish created comic character which became the UN ambassador for the so-called gender equality last year.

Based on her role as First Lady and Secretary of State, I think she deserves that title for doing beyond her power to serve Israel and the organized Jewry’s interests particularly in Libya and Syria and to some extent in Ukraine.

Hillary’s other less appreciated achievements include, 1) creating a massive pay to play slush fund, 2) bleachbit’ing 30,000 government emails, 3) and convincing half of America that Russia and not Israel hacked the US elections.

Rocker Ted Nugent, who was chased by ADL last year for claiming that Jews are behind the Gun Control Lobby to disarm US citizens – called Hillary Clinton as a Devil Bitch in a Facebook post that came moments after sharing a campaign video for Republican Donald Trump in which the performer was featured.


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