James mattis: US is losing war against Taliban

On April 27, 2017, two US Marine died in a friendly fire while raiding allegedly a Taliban hideout. So far, US has lost nearly 3,000 soldiers since Dubya Bush invaded Taliban-ruled Afghanistan in October 4, 2001 to capture Osama Bin Laden, the so-called mastermind behind the September 11 terrorist attacks.

On Tuesday, Gen. James Mattis, Trump secretary of defense, while briefing the members of the Senate Armed Services Committee chaired by Israel-First Sen. John McCain admitted that despite 16-year occupation of Afghanistan, US-NATO forces has failed to destroy Taliban resistance.

I think Taliban had a good last year and they’re trying to have a good one this year, sir. I think we may be able to, by a change in some of our concepts of operations, help them with air support and fire support. That’ll put the enemy on the back foot. Right now, I believe that the enemy is surging, right now,” Mattis said.

What a bigot creep? He still believes that after using the most modern deadly weapons including the so-called mother of all bombs MOAB against Taliban who have not a single tank to fight the remaining 15,000 US-NATO army supported by 270,000 Afghan soldiers trained and armed by the Pentagon.

Mattis, a 40-year veteran of US Marines, has blood of tens of thousands of Muslim civilians on his hands in Iraq and Afghanistan.

On January 22, two days after Trump inauguration, Mattis urged Trump to launch a military strike against Houthis in Yemen who are fighting Saudi army supported by the US and Israel.

Even though, US army has not won a single foreign war since WWII – its imperial thirst is still alive after military humiliations in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Somalia, Lebanon, etc. However, one has to give American GIs the due credit for producing hundreds of thousands of bastard children in Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia and Japan.

Mattis should have listened to Pakistani Gen. Hamid Gul who said in an interview he gave to CNN in August 2010, that US cannot defeat Taliban.

Last month, the US succeeding bribing anti-semite Mujahideen leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to support US Viceroy in Kabul Ashraf Ghani. Hekatyar, former prime minister of Afghanistan who took refuge in Iran 20 years ago to avoid being killed by Taliban fighters entering Kabul. The CIA tried to assassinate Hekmatyar but he got lucky. Now Hekmatyar has appealed to Taliban leaders to abandon their resistance and help to establish a united national government in Kabul.

Hekmatyar is the only Mujahideen leader who refused US president Ronald Reagan’s invitation to meet him at the White House in 1985. The rest of the leaders met Reagan who declared them the moral equivalent to the founding fathers of the United States.

Colonel Andrew Bacvich, veteran of Vietnam war and a professor at Boston University in a recent interview said that Trump would make a mistake to extend Afghan war which the US cannot win (listen the interview below).

Afghanistan is rightly known as the graveyard of empires. These included Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Timur, the Moguls and Sikhs. The British Empire invaded Afghanistan three times in the 19th century. The Soviet Union, world’s greatest land power, invaded in 1979, seeking a corridor to the Arabian Sea and Gulf.


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