Jews want London Mayor to ban Al-Quds Day rally

On June 13, 2017, UK’s Jewish Chronicle reported that 6,500 people have signed a petition set up by the North West Friends of Israel group in advance of Sunday’s International Al-Quds rally calling for Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to ban the rally on the ground that it incites hatred toward Israel and British Jews by displaying Hamas and Hizbullah flags – the two Muslim groups which seek the destruction of UK’s most trusted ally in region – the Zionist entity.

Zionist Jewish groups along with terrorist groups such as the English Defense League, Jewish Defense League, Christian United for Israel, and other anti-Muslim racist groups are planning a counter march on Al-Quds Day.

After discussing the Jewish concern with Metro Police officials, Sadiq Khan’s office released a lengthy statement which disappointed the organized Jewry and its hired goons. “They have to operate within the law and the protesters have a right to march, as long as they do so within the law,” a statement from the Mayoral office said.

“They have to operate within the law and the protesters have a right to march, as long as they do so within the law,” a statement from the Mayoral office said

Sadiq Khan is known for his love for Britain’s 300,000 Jewish community. On Monday while speaking at a Jewish Care event, he advised his Labour Party leaders that if they aspire to form a government – they must acquire Jewish trust. He told the Jewish audience: “I’m going to use my influence within the party to address this issue and there’s a whole host of things we’ve got to do. Simple things like making sure the Jewish community recognises that we recognise there is no hierarchy in racism. Racism is racism. We’ve got to make sure the Jewish community understands that by first understanding that ourselves.”

The Tweet War between two Israel-lovers, Mayor Sadiq Khan and US president Donald Trump after the London Bridge terror false flag, has resulted in the cancellation of Trump’s official visit to London in October 2017.

The anti-Israel and pro-Israel demonstrations on the last Friday of Muslim annual month of fasting, Ramadan, has been going on since the 1990s.

The Al-Quds (Jerusalem in Arabic) is the brainchild of the Leader of 1979 Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini to show support for the oppressed people of Jewish occupied Palestine. Last year, the event was held in over 50 major cities around the world including London, New York, Toronto, Sydney, Berlin, Caracas, Paris, Moscow, Tehran, Islamabad, Beirut, Gaza, Jakarta and Abuja (Nigeria) with largest rallies in Tehran where an average of over one million people attended the rally which had been addressed by Iranian presidents Ayatullah Rafsanjani, Ayatullah Khatami, Dr. Ahmadinejad, and Dr. Hassan Rouhani.


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