UK Election: Hamas wins, Israel loses

It’s pleasure to watch the pro-Israel press such as the Jew York Times, NPR, CNN, BBC, Telegraph, Washington Post, Politico, etc. beating their chests over pro-Israel Tories losing majority (326 seats) in June 8 election.

The antisemite Labour Party has won 266 seats, an increase of 34 seats as compared to Conservative Party 316, a loss of 12 seats. The Scottish National Party (SNP) had won 35 seats, the Liberal Democrats were at 12, the Democratic Unionist Party had secured 10, and Sinn Féin has secured 7 seats in N. Ireland, but the party has always boycotted the British House of Commons. Voter turnout was at 68.7 percent as compared to Iran’s 70% in May 2017 election.

The pro-Hamas leader of Labour party Jeremy Corbyn and other opposition parties leaders have called for the resignation of Israel tank commander, anti-Muslim prime minister Theresa May as result of a hung parliament.

On Friday, former Tory deputy defense minister Anna Soubry, an Israeli poodle, said May should consider her position and take personal responsibility for a dreadful campaign and a deeply flawed manifesto after choosing to go to the country three years early in the hope of extending her majority. However, many British political pundits are of the opinion that May wouldn’t dream of leaving her position to someone who had refused to visit Israel, forget about a regime change in Syria and wants Netanyahu to talk to Gaza-ruling Hamas in order to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

It’s reported that Theresa May plans to meet Queen Elizabeth today to ask her permission to form a new government.

The official Conservative party spokesman, Laura Kuenssberg, BBC’s Jewish political editor, has just announced that Theresa May will remain as prime minister, supported by the DUP in Northern Ireland, founded by Ian Paisley.

The DUP are corrupt, homophobic, racist and above all religious bigots of the worst kind. The nastiest people in politics. The utterly discredited Theresa May refuses to resign and intends to continue to rule over us with the support of this ugly faction. Popular support for the Tory government is going to plunge to unprecedented levels. This gruesome malformation of a bigots’ alliance between Brexiteers is not going to last long as a government, and the popular retribution will be massive,” says Craig Murray, former London ambassador to Uzbekistan.

Watch a hilarious video on the British election below.


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