Chuck Woolery and the Jews

Former TV game show host Chuck Woolery, 76, is an anti-Islam (watch a video below), and a pro-Israel fanatic Christian. During his entire career in the music television, and Hollywood he was helped and guided by Jews. He always believed in Zionist myths such as the ‘Six Million Died’ and Biblical God promised Holy Land to Jews.

I must say, Woolery is a lucky man. He married four women and produced six children which is a record by itself.

However, on May 30, 2017, Woolery was shocked to find out how bigot and stupid he had been most of his life. On that day, he tried to honor his Jewish friends by firing a round of tweet, saying: “Believe it or not. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were both Jewish. I was shocked to find, most of the original Soviet Communists were Jewish.”

Sadly that’s true. Even Russian president Vladimir Putin told a Jewish gathering in Moscow in 2013 that the first Soviet government, 80 to 85 percent of whose members were Jewish (here).

Yakov Sverdlov who helped Lenin to realize his dream of a Bolshevik Russia, was a Jew. He became the first president of Soviet Russia.

In another tweet, Woolery said: “Not to stir the pot but, #Bernie Sanders is a # aJew and a # communist. Am I incorrect or does this make me an antisemite as well? Another Fact.”

In fact Bernie Sanders is not only Jewish he is a Zionist and blind supporter of Israel. He is anti-BDS and believes there is no Jewish Lobby in America. He had admitted that he opposed American invasion of Iraq in 2003 because he believed Saddam Hussein was Israel’s first defense line against Iran.

The tweets generated a swift response from Israel Hasbara (propaganda) goon at the social media – calling Woolrey an antisemite (there are 8,000 American Jews who share this honor).

In response Woolery tweeted: “Amazing to me, I point out that Marx and Lenin were Jewish, Fact of history, and now I’m being called antisemitic? why do people do this?.” and “There appears to be confusion regarding my remarks about Marx and Lenin having Jewish roots. Make no mistake about this, I stand with Israel.”

I hope Woolery keep his big mouth shut if he ever find out that even Henry Kissinger is Jewish because Bernie Sanders called him a War Criminal, or multi-billionaire George Soro who is called head of Jewish crime mafia and has been declared persona non grata in Russia and Hungary.


2 responses to “Chuck Woolery and the Jews

  1. I can absolutely appreciate the bias shown against Muslims because of the different sects of Islam. It is not necessarily a peaceful religion because it reads that one not believing in Islam is apostate and should be killed. The Bible does not condemn unbelievers, nor does it command its followers to kill those who don’t. The Bible also states that there will be many false prophets, and also exposes the fact that the Way of Christianity is a narrow path and FEW there be that find it. That is key to understanding what real Christianity means, of what a true believer must endure. So you will have a lot of people who go to church but who are not Christian, who are comfortable with their religion while in actuality Christianity is not a religion where you go to a building, but a personal relationship within your very being. 99% of Christianity that is shown is indeed a worldly religion, not a display of a real God, a real Creator which would only occur once someone decided by God’s mercy and wisdom to truly devote his life to Jesus Christ, exposing himself to real persecution and humiliation. That is the way of the Cross. All Christians have been commanded to pick up the Cross of Jesus Christ, but they would rather wear it as a piece of jewelry around their neck, not realizing that He rose again from the dead. It is a hard way and American Christians have been absolutely brainwashed by the Scofield Bible among other teachings, created by Zionists to dupe them into believing the land of Israel is the real Israel, not to mention the erroneous teachings of pastors here in America, like John Hagee, etc., who teach huge lies to hundreds of thousands of gullible people, the people who work hard here in America and are really suffering under the brunt of zionism but do not realize it: Those are the people who hate Islam. The Bible teaches that we are to love our enemies, and pray for those who abuse us. So to hate anyone is an evil thing in real Christianity. Also, I see that a lot of jews are supporting Islam now, so doesn’t that factor in as questionable? The Talmud is a lie and is a despicable book that completely destroyed those people and continues to, yet they rule the world right now. Don’t you think that there is a connection between the “anti”Christ, Jerusalem, real Christianity, false Christianity, and Zionism? I respect all people, and I mean all people. But the Truth is that we as the body of Jesus Christ are to love all people, and bear one another’s burdens. This is not something that Islam teaches. Christianity also teaches about the grace of God vs. our works. We can only rely on the grace of God to help us to do things His way. We cannot force our lives to be anything within our own selves, because as the Bible teaches, God knows our heart better than we do and that it is evil (The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is incurable; who can know it?). Yes, we do good works, but we do not trust ourselves, ever, as we walk in this world. Islam teaches only good works and to trust in those works and to deem oneself as righteous before God. No, it doesn’t work that way, because we have to realize that righteousness comes only from God working in and THROUGH man, not man’s works. But again I want to say that Christianity in America is a millionaire business for the evil, it is called the HARLOT church in the bible, and I left it 11 years ago I just want to say also that I appreciate your website and I pray that the eyes of man will be opened to the evil evil world we live in, with the twisted lies of Israel, and the twisted minds of many many people. I have prayed many times for the people in Gaza and elsewhere in the middle east; I have a few good friends there as well. God bless you, I am bookmarking your website.

    • Which crap Bible you have been studying moshe? Both the Jewish Bible (OT) and Christian Bible (NT) call a female being EVIL by birth (First Sin) while Holy Qur’an says both male and female babies are born without sin.

      Why you think 40% of Christian Nuns are sexually molested by priests and church officials?

      Why you think majority of hookers, porn actress, lesbians, gays, rapists, etc. are Christians and Jews?

      Think about the above and let me know if you want to know about your religious and social filthy society from this former Catholic Missionary student.

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