Kabul: Bomb kills 80 people but missed Indian embassy!

On Wednesday, a bomb hidden inside a sewage tanker exploded near Indian, French, Japanese and German embassies inside Kabul’s fortified embassy compound – killing 80 civilians and wounding another 300 people during morning rush hour (watch below).

Both Indian kosher prime minister Narendra Modi and his foreign minister Sushma Swaraj thanked God for saving Indian embassy staffers in tweet messages. Indian ambassador in Kabul Manpreet Vohra, though, said that Indian embassy building was slightly damaged.

Indian embassy became target of suicide bomber on July 7, 2008 – killing 58 passerby and injuring another 141 people. Indian ambassador and his deputy who were inside the building, were saved miraculously. The Jew York Times blamed Pakistan’s intelligence ISI for the crime which was refuted by Islamabad.

As expected – the US-Israel created ISIS took the blame while the Kabul puppet government blamed US-NATO foe Taliban that controls more than half of the country even after 16-year of American occupation.

Both American Jewish Lobby and Indian government is against the withdrawal of the US -NATO forces from Afghanistan (here, here). Iran, on the other hand, has demanded that all foreign forces should be removed from Afghanistan and let Afghan people run the country (here).

Lately, Israeli musketeers Senators John McCain and Linsday Graham have accused Russia for helping Taliban in order to bleed the US-NATO forces. The Zionist whining was in response to Russia and China joining Iran and Pakistan to resolve the conflict between US viceroy in Kabul and Taliban by agreeing on a unity government to end the 16-year-old bloodshed. But don’t expect anything good coming out of Trump’s pro-Israel and anti-Muslim administration.

Since US occupation of Afghanistan in December 2011, Indian RAW with the assistance of American CIA and Israeli Mossad has well-established its espionage network in Afghanistan. Besides, in a religious Madrassa of Wakhan, located in Afghanistan is functioning under the patronage of Indian officials. It is being used for brainwashing of very young boys who are Afghans, Uzbeks and Tajiks including so-called Indian Muslims. Posing themselves as Taliban, they have joined the ranks and files of the Pakistani Taliban. In this context, India’s several secret training camps are also present in Afghanistan from where highly trained militants, equipped with sophisticated weapons are being sent to Pakistan’s various places to conduct target killings, bomb blasts, suicide attacks, assaults on civil and military installations and forced abductions including ethnic and sectarian violence regularly.

Afghanistan’s main neighbors Pakistan and Iran have suffered the most after the Afghan people. Iran catered nearly 4.5 million Afghan refugees during the 2002-6 followed by Pakistan (2.7 million) during the same period. Iran is still home to over 1.5 million Afghan refugees while there were 700,000 Afghan refuges in Pakistan by the end of last year.

The US-NATO has over 15,000 military personnel in Afghanistan who along with Indian and Israeli military experts are training and guiding 275,000-strong Afghan forces to fight Taliban.

Afghanistan war has become America’s longest and most expensive war. Israel’s proxy wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost US-taxpayers nearly US$6 trillion by the end of last year. The occupation also created more hatred toward the US and the Zionist entity. Now Afghans and Iraqis are more pro-Iran than before.

The trio  – India, Israel and America – forms the real axis of evil. No mistake about that!


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