O’Canada: Anti-Zionism = Antisemitism

On May 2, 2017, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau in a statement to Jewish groups celebrating Israel’s 69th birthday (Al-Nakba) in Montreal said: “Today, while we celebrate Israel’s independence, we also reaffirm our commitment to fight antisemitism and anti-Zionism.”

I think Justin Trudeau’s confusion comes from UK’s chief Zionist rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’ claim that Zionism and Judaism are the same.

Ukraine-born Jewish philosopher Yehezkel Kaufmann in article The Ruin of Soul (1934) had claimed that majority of World Zionist movement leaders were antisemites.

Israeli-British author and blogger Gilad Atzmon’s article, The Antisemitism Side of Zionism (2010) also proves that Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism.

In the Christian Western countries including Canada Jews were hated for their anti-Christian beliefs and their tendency to control economy and power. In Canada until the beginning of 20th century, hotels and restaurants in major cities used to have warning posted at the entrance, No Dog No Jew allowed.

However, since the creation of the Zionist entity, it’s now the Zionist Jewry that decides who is antisemite and who is not.

Two Montreal Jews, professor Yakov M. Rabkin and author Yves Engler (here, here) have debunked Justin Trudeau’s statement.

The founder of political Zionism, Theodor Herzl acknowledged in his dairies that anti-Semites would be instrumental in helping out the Zionist program. History proved Herzl right. The Zionist movement found grace in the eyes of anti-Semites during over one century of its history. Not only did they believe that Jews constitute a foreign element in their countries, they also wanted them out. This is how Zionist training camps were allowed to operate between the world wars in several countries of Europe, including Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, which also facilitated the transfer of thousands of German Jews and their capital to Palestine,” wrote Dr. Rabkin.

In 1934 Prime Minister R.B. Bennett opened the annual United Palestine Appeal fundraiser with a coast-to-coast radio broadcast. Lauding the Balfour declaration and British conquest of Palestine, Bennett said, “scriptural prophecy is being fulfilled. The restoration of Zion has begun. At a policy level the government’s aversion to accepting post-World War II Jewish refugees was a factor in Canadian diplomats promoting the anti-Palestinian UN partition plan. An ardent proponent of the Zionist cause during the 1947 international negotiations dealing with the British mandate of Palestine, Canadian diplomat Lester Pearson believed sending Jewish refugees to Palestine was the only sensible solution to their plight,” says Yves Engler.

Compared to six decades ago, antisemitism today barely registers in Canada. But, embers of anti-Jewish Zionism linger. Over the past decade the Charles-McVety-led Canada Christian College has repeatedly organized pro-Israel events – often with B’nai Brith – yet in the 1990s the College was in a dispute with the Canadian Jewish Congress over courses designed to convert Jews. Canada’s most influential Christian Zionist activist, McVety also heads the Canadian branch of Christians United for Israel, which believe Jews need to convert or burn in Hell upon the Second Coming of Jesus Christ,” adds Yves Engler.


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