Indonesian Hijabi Metal Band

Indonesia is home to world’s largest Muslim population of 250 million, 88% of which are Muslims. Dutch colonists (1509-1949) made sure their Muslim subjects either convert to Christianity or practice a Western brand Islam or some sort of secular ideology which the Western media call Moderate Islam meaning compliant to Western culture.

Indonesians have everything the western societies have such as Muslim World Pageant, Muslim Punk Band, and Israeli Mossad terrorism even though the two countries have not exchanged ambassadors so far.

On May 29, 2017, the Jew Reuters reported another Indonesian achievement – Indonesian Hijabi Metal Band claiming which it’s forbidden in Islamic culture as hobby or profession.

According to Reuters – in 2014, three Hijab-wearing Indonesian teenage girls  from a school in Indonesian province of West Java decided to show the world that a Muslim girl can excel in western music without losing her Islamic modesty (Watch video below).

Islamic scholars, both men and women, have different opinions on the type of music or poetry Muslim should compose and sing. Historically, in the early days of Islam, Muslim Arab women used to sing patriotic songs at battle fields. Millions of Muslim men and women have memorized (hifiz) the entire Holy Qur’an in Arabic even though Arabic is not mother tongue of many of them. Many of them recite verses from Holy Qur’an which sound like music. When it comes to singing poetry in praise of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – female singers outnumber the male singers.

Some of the top female singers at the Bollywood film industry such as Naseem Bano, Suraiya, Nimmi, Madhubala, Meena Kumari, etc. were Muslims


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