Guyana celebrates 51 year of Independence and Ramazan

On May 26, thousands of people in Guyana (p0pl. 800,000) celebrated the 51st anniversary of its independence from the British colonial power.

Brigadier (ret) David Arthur Granger president of the South American country congratulated the nation on Friday which was the beginning the month of Muslim fasting (Ramazan).

Muslims (12%) make the third religious community after Christians and Hindus.

The country was established by the British colonialist in 1831 by merging its three Caribbean colonies (Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice) to form British Guyana.

The independence movement was lead by country’s Hindu prime minister Cheddi Jagan of Indian origin who founded the Marxist-Leninist Popular Progressive Party, in 1951 and became prime minister in 1953, ruling until 1961.

Cheddi Jagan was married to Chicago-born Jewish Janet Rosenberg. In December 1997 she became sixth president of Guyana  – a country with no Jew population.

Guyana, a close ally of Cuba has no Israeli embassy.

In January 2011, Guyana became the sixth South American state to recognize a Palestinian state and establish diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority.

On November 18, 1978 Guyana shocked the world when 900 followers of American pastor James Warren Jones committed mass suicide (here).

Guyana has some beautiful mosques which become crowed during the month of Ramazan. Iranian-born British rock star Dr. Sami Yusuf visited Guyana in June 2013 (listen to him below).

The leader of Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, paid a 4-day visit to Guyana in September 1996. He was accorded a civic reception at the City Hall, hosted by Mayor Hamilton Green just after his arrival in Georgetown. Farrakhan addressed two rallies at the National Park in Georgetown and Linden. He also held a meeting with the country’s president and visited the Queenstown Mosque on Church Street, Georgetown.

A Merciful RAMADAN MUBARAK to all Muslim readers.


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