Putin is counting on Nasrallah in Syria

On March 23, 2017, Canadian Jewish journalist Jesse Rosenfeld in an article at The Nation said that Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah controls a vast tracks of land in Syria bordering Jewish occupied Golan Heights which should worry Israel but there is a silver lining in it too.

Hizbullah leader Sheikh Nasrallah said that his fighters are not leaving Syria until all anti-Assad rebels are destroyed. But some Hizbullah commanders don’t support Hamas anymore because the later betrayed Syrian president Assad,” said Rosenfeld.

On the political side, the realignment of regional political forces resulting from the Syrian War seems to be shaping Hizbullah’s tensions with Israel – and its relations with old allies. On the one hand, Hizbullah commander Samir argues that Arab states, primarily in the Gulf, that have supported Syrian rebels are interested in having Israel damage his organization; on the other, he no longer sees his fight as connected to the Palestinian struggle,” Rosenfeld said.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad had thanked Hizbullah for group’s support to recover Syrian territory from the US-Israel-Saudi armed and trained rebels. However, Assad emphasized that Hizbullah fighters are supporting Syrian army to protect Lebanese territory from future Israeli invasion.

The Zionist regime has been threatening to wipe Hizbullah off Lebanon since June 2006 Jewish army defeat.

On March 31, Manish RAI wrote at the Asia Times that instead of weakening – Hizbullah has become a bigger threat to the Jewish army as result of the experience it gained while fighting in Syria.

In fighting alongside Syrian government forces, Hizbullah has gained tactical battlefield experience and weaponry, making it a far more threatening presence for its enemies elsewhere in the region. Those close to the group say that for the first time Hizbullah can bring a war with Israel into Israeli territory. Hizbullah has improved its logistical operations and learned during the Syrian conflict how to use more sophisticated equipment, artillery cover, and reconnaissance and surveillance drones,” said RAI.

On May 22, 2017, Elijah J. Magnier posted an article, entitled, Has Russia asked Hizbullah to leave Syria?

Last year, Islamophobe American author and former politician Pat. Buchanan said that American people have no stomach to fight another war in Syria. Washington should leave it to Syria, Iran, Russia and Hizbullah to destroy ISIS. I’m sure Buchanan knows that Washington doesn’t have that option because it created ISIS to destroy Israel’s regional enemies.

I’m sure Russian president Vladimir Putin who has very close relations with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu and defense minister Russian-born Avigdor Lieberman, knows that Russia, Iran, and Iraq has no experience in fighting with the Jewish army. In 1973 Syrian army failed to defeat Israeli army. Hizbullah is the only regional militia which has defeated the Jewish army twice – in 2000 and 2006.

There are hundreds of books and articles written by anti-Muslim and pro-Israel authors to demonize Hizbullah as a terrorist organization. The reality is, Hizbullah began as a welfare and resistance group during Israeli occupation of South Lebanon in the 1980s. Later it entered country’s politics. One of the few books which do some justice to Hizbullah is, Hizbullah—Party of God: An Islamic Movement Perspective, authored by Malaysian author Abdar Rahman Koya. Book’s review by Indian Hindu writer Yoginder Sikand can be read here.


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