Two Israeli poodles meet at Vatican

After spewing his warmongering filth against Islam, Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas during his first-ever visits to Saudi Arabia and the Zionist entity, Donald Trump, accompanied by his third wife Melania Trump, who posed nude for a Men’s magazine before marrying Trump, made a short stop in Italy and met kosher Pope Francis at the Vatican on Wednesday.

Like Saudi King Salman, Francis also honored Trump with a medal featuring an olive branch – a symbol of peace.

We can use peace,” Trump said. Yes the Judas goat can use peace after he has destroyed Syria, Lebanon and Iran for Israel.

In return, Trump presented Francis a gift of five books written by slain Afro-American preacher and human rights activist Rev. Martin Luther King.

Francis-Trump private meeting in the Holy Chamber lasted only 30 minutes. After the meeting Francis met Melania and Ivanka who covered their heads in a sign of papal respect, a gesture they did not partake in Saudi Arabia – while  Jared Kushner covered his head with skullcap.

The Jewish media such as CNN, WSJ The Atlantic, Time, TMZ, etc. reported that a cold-stone Pope Francis and a beaming Donald Trump discussed terrorism and immigration.

Cartoonist Mr. Fish at the Truthdig described the meeting, saying: The leaders of the two most toxic and murderous mythologies ever concocted by human beings meeting to discus how maintain a white-knuckled grip on bullshit is the best hope we have to save the species.

Both Trump and Francis have criminal record such as child sexual abuse and collaboration with military dictatorships (here, here). Some of the other common traits they share include blind support for the Zionist entity even though there is no difference between Jewish army and ISIS, both insist that Muslim leaders should control radicalization of Muslim youth even though Jews are more radicals than Muslims. Both calls Holocaust denial as madness.

On June 20, 2014, Canadian Jewish academic Henry Makow, PhD claimed that Pope Francis is a Jewish Imposter. That could be a common reason to hate Muslims.


2 responses to “Two Israeli poodles meet at Vatican

  1. ? A “Jewish imposter”? Maybe a “Cro-Magnon imposter” too? What kind of rabid batshit has Henry Makow been ingesting? What idiocy… ^..^

    • Henry Makow has very solid credentials to know who is a ‘Jewish imposter’. Makow was not only born into a Canadian Zionist Jewish family – he lived at a Kibbutz build on a land stolen from a Palestinian farmer for several years. He taught at Calgary university before becoming a victim of his own tribe for criticizing US-Canadian feminist groups which are controlled by former communist old Jewish hacks.

      Makow became a political writer and blogger after he almost lost his shirt to escape Jewish vengeance.

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