Venezuelan President: ‘We are the new Jews!’

In the past, antisemites were those who hated the Jews. Now, the antisemites are those who are hated by the Zionist Jews for good reasons,” said Gilad Atzmon.

Cuban-American Israel-First Senator Marco Rubio stood on the Senate floor Thursday and lambasted the eight judges for aiding and abetting Venezuela’s democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro for supposedly murdering protesters amid weeks of opposition-spurred violent demonstrations. The Republican senator from Florida also accused the Venezuelan government of carrying out a coup.

On Thursday, Donald Trump during his meeting with Columbian president Juan Manuel Santos at the White House offered American help to bring a regime change in Venezuela.

President Santos and I discussed the deteriorating situation in Venezuela. I knew that Venezuela was a very wealthy country, and now it’s poverty stricken, people don’t have enough to eat, and we will do whatever is necessary to help with fixing that. I’m really talking on a humanitarian level when you look at the oil reserves you have to wonder how that is possible. Its been unbelievably poorly run for a while. Hopefully, that will change,” said Trump.

Responding to Zionist lies, country’s president Nicolas Maduro equated the bullying of Venezuelan officials by the US with Nazis’ treatment of the Jews during the world war.

We are the new Jews of the 21st century that Hitler pursued. We don’t carry the yellow Star of David, we carry red hearts that are filled with desire to fight for human dignity. And we are going to defeat them, these 21st century Nazis,” Maduro said in a televised speech on Thursday.

I’m afraid president Maduro needs to study Nazi-Jew collaboration from some objective sources (here, here, here).

Furthermore, the so-called Yellow badge (Jewish patch) was not invented by Nazis. It was forced by Vatican to distinguish Christians from those who were accused of killing Jesus. The practice existed in all over Christian Europe during the Middle Ages. Thanks to organized Jewry all those Jew-hating countries are on their knees in front of the Zionist entity.

The so-called Star of David is another of Zionist scam (watch below).


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