India’s Adivasi girls turned into baby-making machines

As I posted earlier – Indian and Israeli ruling classes have many things in common in addition to their hatred toward Muslims. Both are known for racism against fellow Hindus and Jews.

Women have worst human rights in both Hinduism and Judaism. They’re exploited as sex object and slaves of the male population (here, here).

Early this month, Indian press reported that tens of thousands Adivasi (aboriginal aka tribal people) girls are being trafficked, traded, enslaved, rapped and made to conceive babies for adoption that fetch Rs. 100,000 – 400,000 per child.

Dr. Vasavi Kiro, former member of the Jharkhand State Commission for Women, wrote recenly: “After drugs and arms, human trafficking is the third largest profitable industry in the world, and Jharkhand happens to be the worst victim in India. Human trafficking, particularly that of minor tribal girls shipped out to be deployed as domestic helps in big cities, has been a decades-old phenomenon that no government has, for mysterious reasons, ever wanted to address. But recent rep­orts indicate that a second, more heinous level of exploitation has been attained. Many of the trafficked girls, according to reports, are impregnated and made to bear children so that these children could then be further sold off.”

According to the Indian Social Institute (ISI), roughly, 1.4 million girls have been lured out or trafficked from different states across India and engaged as dom­estic helps in New Delhi alone. 72.1 per cent of these girls remain unwed. But a large number of them become mothers. And within that, 70 per cent are below 18 years of age.

According to ISI, 77% of these exploited girls are Adivasi, 12% Dalit, 8% Other Backward Class, and 3% others. OBC makes 52% of India’s 1.2 billion population (here).

Indian tribal area has a population of 84 million – majority of them being of low-caste Hindus (watch a video below).

The Surrogacy trade was legalized in India in 2002. Since the it has become a US$400 million per year. According to the New Delhi-based Sama Resource Group for Women and Health estimates that nearly 50,000 people visit India annually seeking surrogate mothers, resulting in around 2,000 births per year — and providing livelihoods to thousands of poor and unskilled women.

The biggest problem is that in India there is no written law regarding surrogacy. Surrogacy is seen as a private contract between two willing parties,” said Rekha Aggarwal, a Supreme Court lawyer who specializes in adoption cases.

Israeli Jews are major buyers of surrogate babies from India and Nepal. It’s illegal for a Jewish woman to act as a surrogate mother in Israel.


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