Trump to visit Wailing Wall without Netanyahu

On Tuesday, Trump’s senior national security adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster, an Iranophobe but denier of the Islamic terrorism myth announced that US president Donald Trump during his visit to Al-Quds next week wouldn’t be accompanied by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Trump’s official schedule, he will pray for his salvation at the Church of Holy Sepulchre, guarded by a Muslim family for centuries, the Wailing Wall, and the Israel’s national Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem, built on a Muslim cemetery.

Earlier, Israel’s Channel 2 reported that a senior member of Trump team making preparations for Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to the Zionist entity had rejected Benjamin Netanyahu office request that Benjamin Netanyahu should escort Trump visit to the Holy Wailing Wall in occupied Al-Quds (Old Jerusalem).

US delegate’s excuse was that Trump would visit the Wailing Wall in private capacity. When further pressed – Trump team official snapped: “What are you talking about? It’s none of your business. It’s not even part of your responsibility. It’s not your territory. It’s part of the West Bank,” Channel 2 reports.

The comment that the Western Wall is part of the West Bank, acknowledged by several United Nations resolutions, irked the Zionist regime. In a statement, it claimed: “Israel is certain that the comment contradicts president Trump’s policy as expressed in his fierce opposition to the UN Security Council resolution,” referring to UN Resolution 2334, passed in December 2016 before Trump took office, which rejected Israeli sovereignty in east Jerusalem.

Mahmoud Abbas, the US Viceroy in the West Bank will meet Donald Trump in Bethlehem city.

Ahead of Trump’s upcoming visit to the Zionist entity, foreign ministers of Egypt, Jordan, and the West Bank met in Amman. In a statement, they declared that moving US embassy from Tel Aviv to Al-Quds would be against the interests of United States and its allies around the world. The current rulers in Egypt, Jordan and Palestinian Authority are against Hamas and Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood.

Gaza-ruling Islamic Resistance Hamas is just ignoring Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia and his upcoming meeting with Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem. Hamas now agrees to an independent Palestinian state on Gaza and West Bank with Al-Quds its capital without its recognition of the state of Israel. Hamas’ views on Mahmoud Abbas are best described by that cartoon below.

Caricature published by Hamas daily al-Resalah.


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