Archbishop of Canterbury prays at the Wailing Wall

Earlier this month, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Portal Welby, born in a German Jewish family, accompanied by Britain’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis prayed at the Wailing Wall in occupied East Jerusalem.

Justin Welby also visited Israel’s national Holocaust museum Yad Vashem in Jerusalem which is built on Muslim Mamilla Cementery. At the US$100 million Yad Vashem Welby declared anti-Semitism a curse on entire humanity and urged leaders of all faiths to see that it becomes part of history books.

Justin Welby, leader of 80 million Anglicans stayed in the occupied Jerusalem for 10 days. It was his first visit to the former Christian Holy Land as head of Church of England. Welby and his wife have made several trips to the Zionist entity since 1979.

At the last moment Israeli authorities allowed Welby to enter the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on the condition he wouldn’t meet Hamas officials. Welby stayed in Gaza for three and half hours. Welby described his short visit to Palestinian Auschwitz of 1.9 million as extraordinary.

Gaza Strip, which is surrounded on three sides by the Jewish Wall and blockade by Israeli navy along its coastline since 2007, has the largest Christian community (1.9%) in the occupied Palestine as compared to the West Bank (1.2%) and Israel (0.9%). Gaza Christians are not allowed to worship in Jerusalem (watch a video below).

Both religious leaders condemned UNESCO for its denial of Jewish claim over Jerusalem city via three resolutions – two last year and one last month.

On May 11, Welby talked to a group of Israeli Jews and Palestinian youth at Peres Center for Peace in Jaffa – named after former Israeli president Shimon Peres, a war criminal. The event was moderated by Peres’ son Chemi Peres. Welby advised his audience to forget the past and try to live as good neighbors. The bigot forgot that Jewish communities were expelled 108 times from Christian Europe and not from Muslim world.

You can begin the process of reconciliation, in which you transform violent conflict to non-violent disagreement. But reconciliation – the point at which the idea of resorting to violence to deal with disagreement, diversity and difference, is unimaginable – that is something that very few societies achieve,” said Welby.

Last year, Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis declared that anti-Zionism is anti-Jewishness.


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