Left Forum: 9/11 discussion is anti-Jewish

On May 8, 2017, the New York-based Left Forum announced that three discussion panels; the 9/11 truth, the false flag, and faked terrorism had been cancelled from The Resistance conference scheduled at the John Jay College on June 2-4 this year.

The man behind this cancelation is reported to be Spencer Sunshine a senior fellow at the Political Research Associates (PRA), founded by Dr. Jean V. Hardisty (died 2015), an American feminist and author in 1991.

Frankly, I never heard of this Sunshine dude – but studying his views on who committed 9/11 you can smell the skunks funding him.

American academic and author Kevin Barrett calls people like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Amy Goodman, John Nichols, Spencer Sunshine, etc, Left Gatekeepers.

In 2006, I had an uninhibited discussion of 9/11 with John Nichols of The Nation magazine, another Left Gatekeeper outlet. John essentially admitted that he had read Nafeez Ahmed and knew the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) was a pack of lies. But prominent people, he said, would only admit it after they had had a few drinks. Obviously they were scared,” says Dr. Barrett.

Nafeez Ahmed is a British journalist, author and blogger. He is an apologist for the 9/11 and 7/7 official stories (here, here).

The Left Forum was founded in the 1960s by Jewish professors Bogdan Denitch (died 2016) and Stanley Aronowitz. The Forum holds the largest annual conference of left-leaning (socialist) thinkers. For years, the Left – or at least the Left leadership – has kept its distance from 9/11 and other truth topics. The 9/11 truth movement began making inroads at the Left Forum about three years or so ago with a small presence, mainly by 9/11 activists Dave Slesinger and Wayne Coste who gave presentations on Islamophobia and the controlled demolition of Building 7.

Watch below to learn how much 9/11 lie cost the US-taxpayers and Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world.


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