Corbyn: Trump makes the world more dangerous

On Friday while speaking on UK’s foreign policy at the Chatham House (an arm of America’s Zionist lobby group CFR) – British opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn accused British prime minister Theresa May of pandering to US president Donald Trump aka Jewish Messiah who he accused of recklessly making the world more dangerous. Corbyn was referring to May’s slogan about of coalition of chaos, Corbyn warned that May was seeking to build a coalition of risk and insecurity with Donald Trump (listen to the speech below).

Like Donald Trump, Theresa May is known for her hatred towards Muslims and her blind support for the Zionist entity even when she was Home Secretary.

Surprisingly, even though Corbyn blasted Donald Trump just like the organized Jewry – the entire UK’s Zionist-owned media criticized Corbyn’s speech.

Corbyn called the so-called War on Terror a myth. He said that Britain has not fought a single Just War since WWII including East Timor, Cyprus, Suez Canal, Northern Island, Falklands, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

Corbyn said he would stop arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

Corbyn said he would pursue nuclear disarmament and would not use a nuclear weapon first.

Corbyn said he would seek a political solution to the Syria conflict.

Corbyn said he would decrease tensions with Russia.

At the event, Corbyn was accompanied by some of his Israel apologist shadow ministers such as Emily Thornberry (Christian), Kate Osamor (Jew), and Baroness Shami Chakrabarti (Hindu). Sorry guys – the pro-Hamas Corbyn has no Muslim in his shadow cabinet.

Theresa May was against re-establishing diplomatic relation with Tehran. She also favors a regime change in Syria.

Jeremy Corbyn visited Iran in 2014 as a member of British parliamentarian delegation. He posted his views on Iran here.


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