India’s Jew Mother Teresa!

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Hindu majority India is home to several Mother Teresa. First was an Albanian-born Catholic Saint Mother Teresa (died 1997), who according to a study conducted by three Canadian academics, Dr. Serge Larivee (University of Montreal), Dr. Genevieve Chenard (University of Montreal), and Dr. Carole Senechal (University of Ottawa), was a fraud, and  that her beatification was orchestrated by an effective media campaign.

Then there is an Muslim Mother Teresa, Iranian-born Narges Kalbasi Ashtari who had to spend some time in an Indian jail.

On May 5, Manchester-born Jew, Dr. Jack Preger, 86, won the Philanthropist of the Year award last week for providing free medical care to poor Kolkata residents for over two decades. He became the first living non-Asian to receive the coveted award at London’s Park Lane Hilton presented by Bollywood veteran actor Sanjeev Bhaskar (see photo above). The event was attended by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

After graduating in medicine in 1972, young Preger arrived in newly established Bangladesh to start his clinic. Preger learned both Urdu and Bangla languages from pro-Pakistan non-Bengalese interned in several refugee camp wishing to immigrate to Pakistan In 1979, he was expelled from Bangladesh for blowing whistle over human organ harvesting.

In 1980 Preger appeared in Kolkata (British colonists established the city in 1690 and called Calcutta), the capital city of Hindu Bangladesh in India. He joined Mother Teresa Foundation in Kolkata. It’s here when Preger converted to Catholicism. But, as they say, once you’re given birth by a Jewish woman – you’re always remain a Jew especially if you’re rich and famous. That’s why the UK’s Jewish Chronicle celebrated Dr. Preger’s ‘Jewish achievement’ on May 12, without mentioning his conversion to Christianity.

Ben Weich at JC claims that Preger wants to help Palestinians also. “As a Jew, I feel involved in what Israel does to these people. I stayed a number of times in East Jerusalem and travelled in the West Bank. The discriminatory regulations, the attacks by settlers I was told of when in the West Bank, the displacement of Bedouin from their grazing grounds and many other practices made me ashamed as an old member of Hashomer Hatzair (the Socialist-Zionist youth movement),” Preger told Weich in an interview.

Preger couldn’t control his Shylock-itch while working for Mother Teresa Foundation in Kolkata. After watching the huge corruption in the charity – he decided to create his own golden calf. He started a British NGO charity, Calcutta Rescue, based in Kolkata in 1980. It has now fundraising branches in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and the United States.


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