Kosovo: Pro-Israel government falls

I love Israel. What a great country. Kosovo is a friend of Israel. I met so many great leaders when I was there – Netanyahu, Sharon, etc. – I really admire them,”  said Hashim Thaci, in an interview with Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) in 2007.

On Wednesday, Kosovo coalition government headed by PM Isa Mustafa fell after 78 MPs of the 120-member parliament said YES to no-confidence motion tabled by the opposition party NISMA.

After the vote, president Hashim Thaci dissolved the parliament and called for a snap election next month.

Kosovo opposition has now called upon Montenegro’s government to withdraw recognition of Kosovo’s independence after Pristina failed to ratify a long-awaited border agreement. Muslims make 20% of Montenegro’s total population.

Netanyahu has refused to recognize Republic of Kosovo fearing that that would provide a booster to Palestinian resistance groups and Muslim-Christian Israelis to separate from the Zionist entity as did Kosovo from Serbia in 2008.

If Kosovo is like the West Bank and Gaza, its neighbor to the south, Macedonia, bears similarities to Israel. Macedonia has been an independent state since 1991, following the breakup of  Yugoslavia. While Albanians are a majority in Kosovo, they make up only around 20 percent of the population in Macedonia (as Palestinian-Israelis do here). Although Albanian political parties have been part of the government in Macedonia for the past 10 years, the Albanian community suffers from economic discrimination and is totally underrepresented in all the institutions of the state – army, police, judiciary, civil service, and higher education,” David Newman, daily Ha’aretz, October 30, 2002.

Republic of Kosovo is recognized by 115 of 193 UN member states. Two veto powers at UNSC, China and Russia don’t recognize Kosovo along with OIC and Iran. Kosovo doesn’t support Palestinian national struggle against the Jewish occupation.

Republic of Kosovo is not a member of United Nations as yet.

On March 19, 2015, Zionist Jew propagandist Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard claimed that Iran-affiliated Shi’ite NGO, Qur’an Foundation of Kosovo and Qur’an Foundation of  Albania are spreading hatred toward United States and Israel among Albanian Sunni Muslims who love Americans and Israelis.

Kosovo president Thaci is accused of being the ringleader of Kosovo-Israel human organ harvesting and trafficking mafia.

The Zionist regime and its bootlickers in the West have always considered Muslim communities in the Balkan – Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, and the mountainous Sandzak region straddling the border between Montenegro and Serbia hostile to Zionists’ dream of Jewish-controlled New World Order. They’re considered pro-Iran and pro-Palestinians. Iran has its largest embassy in Sarajevo. The brotherly relation between Iran and Bosnia were built by Alija Izetbegovic, the first president of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Kosovo has 96% Muslim majority. A great majority of Kosovo Muslims have Albanian ancestry and living under repressive Judo-Marxist rule, are non-practicing secularist Muslims.


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