Comey: Good people committed Holocaust!

FBI director James Comey, who just got fired by Donald Trump, was a keynote speaker at ADL’s annual Holocaust conference held on Monday afternoon.

Although the slaughter of the Holocaust was led by sick and evil people, those sick and evil leaders were joined by and followed by people who loved their families, took soup to sick neighbors, who went to Church, who gave to charity. Good people helped murder millions,” Comey told the gathering.

Thanks Allah, Comey didn’t blame people going to mosques for the Holocaust.

Interestingly, Abraham Foxman, the US$688,000 per year Gorilla, who headed ADL for five decades, did not object to Comey’s statement. Rather, he called it extraordinary.

Comely understands that Germans and their accomplices, who loved their families and dogs, and religiously went to Church on Sunday, systematically murdered Jews because of anti-Semitic hatred preached and practiced for hundreds of years,” Abe Foxman told Jewish Insider.

Abe Foxman in his 2004 book, NEVER AGAIN, claims that Christian Bible (New Testament) is responsible for the slaughter of six million Jews during WWII.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, executive director Simon Wiesenthal Center, an Israeli advocacy organization, said that while he understands the point Comey wanted to make, to be clear, any German who participated in or abetted in any way Hitler’s Final Solution could no longer be considered ‘good people.’ By their words and deeds abetting genocide, they voided anything ‘good’ they had previously done.

Rabbi Cooper’s rant has no historical background. According to some German historians, Hitler had two Jew Field Marshals, fifteen Generals and 150,000 German Jew soldiers in the Nazi Army (here).

On May 10, Ron Kampeas wrote at the Times of Israel: “Fired by Trump, reviled by Democrats, Comely will be missed by those who protect US Jews.”

Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut, late chief rabbi of Toronto in his 1990 book, The Man Who Would Be Messiah, claimed that Holocaust was committed by Frankist Jews.

One of the top German philosophers of 20th century, Martin Heidegger, in his diary, Black Notebooks written during 1942-1946, blames the Jews for the Holocaust.

Canadian-born Israeli writer and author Barry Chamish (d. 2016) also blamed Jews for the Holocaust.

Luxembourg-born Marxist Jew history professor Arno Joseph Mayer (Princeton) in his 1988 book, Why Did the Heavens Not Darken, wrote: “From 1942 to 1945, certainly at Auschwitz, but probably overall, more Jews were killed by so-called ‘natural causes’ than by ‘unnatural’ ones.”

On May 10, author and blogger Carolyn Yeager posted: “For me, what is of interest in Comey’s speech, made when he was still Director of the FBI, is his recognition and full acquiescence to the rule that when you speak to Jewish organizations, you must refer to the Holocaust and include words like ‘evil,’ ‘world’s most unimaginable evil,’ ‘hate,’ ‘antisemitism,’ and concepts such as ‘Never Again,’ and ‘Jewish courage and specialness.’ Comey did not disappoint. I was still transcribing this speech when I saw that Comey had been fired by President Trump. It was a real shot in the arm! We can be glad this man is gone.”

In April 2015, James Comey penned an Op-Ed for Jewish Washington Post in which he accused Poland for assisting Nazis to exterminate Jews. As result of Comey’s pandering to the organized Jewry, Stephen D. Mull, former US ambassador to Poland had to apologize to Polish government for Comey’s lie.


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