Trump’s $3.7 billion secret gift to Israel

On May 8, 2017, Grant F. Smith (listen him below), director Washington-based Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) filed an emergency motion asking US Court of Appeals for an injunction on transfer of a secret aid-package to the Zionist regime.

On May 5 president Donald Trump signed into law a temporary spending measure designed to keep the US government running until September. The law included $3.7 billion in foreign aid to Israel.

The joke is – it’s candidate Donald Trump who had ranted that the US government had become world’s chump, handling out US$37 billion to other countries (Israel receives more than 46% of it) every year in direct aid, economic aid, military aid, and all manners of contingency operation. This figure, however, doesn’t include the cost of maintain US military bases and US boots in nearly 149 foreign countries.

The President signed into law $3.7 billion in foreign aid to Israel that does not comply with the Arms Export Control Act because of the unlawful ‘nuclear ambiguity’ policy which both the US Government and Israel follows,” the motion states.

In February 2017, Senator Chuck Schumer (Zionist Jew) during a National Press Club briefing had told reporters: “It is a well-known fact that Israel has nuclear weapons, but the Israeli government doesn’t officially talk about what kinds of weapons and where they’re hidden.”

Over 40% of Americans want White House to stop giving a blank check  every year to rich and parasite state of Israel. The Zionist entity doesn’t need American military aid to defend itself except from Palestinian stone-throwers as every US president had kept reminding the world that an attack on Israel is an attack on United States. Israel’s military budget at US$18.7 billion is the second largest in the region (24% of which is paid by US taxpayers indirectly in addition to annual military aid of US$3.1 billion) after Saud Arabia. Both terrorist-sponsoring regimes are united against the Islamic Republic, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas.

In September 2012, Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, former head of Israeli Occupation Force (IOF), had boasted that between 2009-2012 the US taxpayers had paid more for Israel’s defense than the Israeli taxpayers (reported by the Jerusalem Post, September 11, 2012).


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