Ahmad: President of CAF refuses salary

In March 2017, football player, coach, and vice-president of the Madagascar Senate, Ahmad Ahmad, 57, unseated Issa Hayatou as president of the Confederation of African Footbal (CAF). Ahmad has resigned from the Senate.

Ahmad has declined a salary from the CAF governing body, saying: “I’ve refused a CAF salary for the simple reason it doesn’t respect good administration. The salaries of all CAF employees, from administrators to the executive committee and president – all have to be transparent.”

Ahmad says that there is a lot of work to be done to enable CAF to operate effectively. “I’m sorry to tell you, when I was part of the Caf executive committee there was no separation of powers. The judicial body, the executive one and the congress. We have to respect the independence of each body,” he elaborated. “There is a big tendency to monopolize power in the executive committee. It has to be reviewed and reformed, with new statutes for CAF, so that everyone can concentrate on their proper tasks.”

Cameroon-born Issa Hayatou had held that post for 29 years. He is brother of Sadou Hayatou, former prime minister of Cameroon (1991-92). On February 29, 2016, Jew news website Bloomberg had reported that Hayatou had a six figures salary and that he is close friend of FIFA president Joseph Blatter.

Ahmad is the sixth president of CAF. His predecessors were Abdelaziz Abdallah Salem (1957-1958), Abdel Aziz Moustafa (1958-1968), Abdel Halim Muhammad (1968-1972), Yidnekatchew Tessema (1972-1987), and Issa Hayatou (1988-2017).

Many readers may not know that Madagascar, a French African colony was offered twice as a ‘Jewish Homeland’ to world Zionist movement to escape anti-Semitism in Christian majority Europe. It was first proposed in 1885 by German scholar Paul de Lagarde followed by Franz Rademcher, head of the German foreign office’s Jewish Problem section in June 1940. Had the Zionist leaders accepted the proposal – they could have saved hundreds of thousands of fellow Jews. But it proposal, like Uganda offered by Great Britain was rejected by WJC as they couldn’t accept the idea of living among Black people. Madagascar was occupied by Britain in May 1942.

The island of Madagascar has a total population of 3 million. Muslims make 15% of island’s population. Islam was introduced to the islanders by Arab traders in the late 7th century.

Western Madagascar has a large Muslim population mostly from Zanzibar, Yemen and Iran. They own virtually all the restaurants there. There are 50,000 Muslim refugees from India, Comoros and Somalia. Many locals are converting  to Islam and there are now about 50 mosques and Islamic centers in Madagascar. Muslims have built medical clinics, schools, and social centers. Islam is propagated on national TV and radio.


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