Lobby lauds Rouhani for criticizing anti-Israel slogan

On Friday, the media in Israel and ZOG occupied West lauded Iranian president Hassan Rouhani for his criticism of Iranian military elites over trying to sabotage the 2015 JCPOA nuclear agreement between Iran and six non-Muslim Western powers (US, UK, France, Russia, China and Germany). Rouhani was referring to firing of two ballistic missiles with a phrase, Israel must be wiped out in March 2016. Watch comments on the first and second debate below.

Iran’s defense spokesperson advised Rouhani and other five presidential candidates to avoid dragging country’s armed forces into their election campaign as country’s executive branch (president) has no jurisdiction over the armed forces. Under Iranian Constitution, the Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei is also Supreme C-in-C of country’s defense forces. He appoints the heads of Army, Air Force, Navy and the Revolutionary Guards.

Interestingly, the same filthy creeps had condemned Hassan Rouhani last year when he told Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah, the leader of Palestinian Islamic resistance that Palestinians have no other alternative except to continue their Jihad against the Zionist entity.

In November 2015, Ayatullah Khamenei told university students that raising Death to America and Zionist regime slogans don’t mean hatred towards Jews. Iran is home to largest numbers of Jews (30,000) in region outside the Zionist entity.

In February 2017, in a keynote speech at the 6th International Conference in support of Palestinian Intifada, Ayatullah Khamenei said: The Zionist entity is a dirty page in history which will be closed (here).

J. Michael Springmann, American diplomat and whistleblower, in a recent interview said that Iranians are loyal to their leadership that seeks to move the country forward.

The great majority of Iranians have not benefitted from the nuclear agreement. Only a fraction of Iranian assets in the US and European banks have been released so far. Tehran is not even in the position to spent those funds in the near future.

Nader Habibi, Economic professor at Brandeis University has claimed that US$29 billion out of US$101 billion (excluding US$16 billion worth Iranian cash frozen by Washington in 1980 which is estimated to worth US$37 billion now) has been released. However, Iran has to keep a good part of US$29 billion to maintain a confidence-building measure. He also predict that Tehran wouldn’t be able to increase its financial aid to its “regional proxies” such as Hizbullah, Syria and Hamas, as it needed those funds to modernize country’s oil/gas sector, aviation and healthcare.

Islamic Republic with a population of 82 million has a military budget of US$10 billion for 2017 as compared to the Zionist entity military budget of US$18.6 billion plus US$3.8 billion American military aid for only 7 million population.


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