Lord Finkelstein: Corbyn must lose – for Israel’s sake

On May 4, 2017, Lord Daniel William Finkelstein in an opinion post at Israeli propaganda organ The Jewish Chronicle said that like Tony Blair, a war criminal, he too believe that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is too weak to defeat the ruling Tory party lead by prime minister Theresa May.

If Jeremy Corbyn and his followers do not suffer a gigantic defeat in this election, it will be an utter, complete, ghastly disaster for Jews,” Finkelstein claimed.

It will mean that despite all that has happened in the past two years, all his supporters have said about Jews, people – even Jews, for goodness sake — can still support him. What’s a little antisemitism between friends? Indeed, respected community leaders are about to set out trying to persuade other Jews that it is all right voting for a party whose leader calls Hamas friends,” added Finkelstein.

David Finkelstein is a former politician and executive editor of The Times of London. On January 18, 2009, he claimed at the Daily Mail that his mother Mirjam Weiner and Anne Frank studied at the same Montessori in Amsterdam.

On April 28, 2015, British investigative journalist and author Nafeez Ahmed in an article claimed that Lord Finkelstein sits on board of US-based think tank Gatestone Institute which wants to flush out Muslims from Western countries.

In Britain like the US and France, Jewish minority votes depending on party’s blind support for the Zionist entity is the most important factor in wining election. No wonder Judaism has been called the creed of Thatcherite, Blairites and Thereserites.

Dr. Dave Rich, deputy director UK’s Jewish Lobby (CST) in his recent book, The Left’s Jewish Problem: Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and Antisemitism, argued that to Corbyn’s generation of leftists, Zionism is a racist, colonialist ideology, and Israel an illegitimate remnant of Western colonialism in the Middle East.

On April 27, 2017, Tony Greenstein (an Israeli asset) posted on his blog: “It was inevitable that when Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership of the Labour Party that he would face intense opposition.  Unlike the Labour Left, the Right has demonstrated, as Tony Blair has made clear, that it would prefer a Tory victory than a Labour government led by Corbyn. The phone line must have been busy between the American and Israeli Embassies when Corbyn was elected Labour leader.  British Intelligence must have worked overtime dreaming up dirty tricks.  The idea that someone who opposed the nuclear ‘deterrent’ and wanted out of NATO could be allowed to lead, unchallenged, the second major party in the United Kingdom, America’s major ally in Europe, was unthinkable. That and that alone is what lies behind the manufactured anti-Semitism crisis that hit the Labour Party.  It is to Corbyn’s shame that not once did he stand up to the bogus anti-Semitism campaign.  There is no excuse.  When he stood for election as leader he himself was accused of working with holocaust denier Paul Eisen.”

Tony Blair recently said that he would rather see his Labour party defeated than Jeremy Corbyn becoming country’s prime minister. The Labour Friends of Israel want London Mayor Sadiq Khan to replace Jeremy Corbyn.

And finally some prediction from Maurice Mcleod, British journalist, businessman and supporter of Jeremy Crbyn. He says with all anti-Corbyn propaganda, the man has a slim chance to become country’s next prime minister. “Make no mistake, if you think Theresa May has been reactionary so far, just wait until she has a five-year mandate and a 100-MP majority,” he said.


One response to “Lord Finkelstein: Corbyn must lose – for Israel’s sake

  1. The Vatican were behind the holocaust . The Vatican are behind Isis. They are behind the ritual sexual abuse of generations of babies and children in the ” care ” industry .

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