Chechnya’s gay problem

Last week, Ramzan Kadyrov, the Russian Viceroy of Chechnya said that gay men don’t exist in Russian occupied Muslim majority Chechnya.

Kadyrov was referring to Western media accusations that Kadyrov government violates gays’ human rights.

I don’t believe there are no gays in Chechnya considering 29% of its population are Christian and Jewish settlers from Russia.

On April 19, 2017, Tatyana Moskalkova, the Russian human rights Ombudsman said that she has determined that Moscow media reports about the mistreatment of LGBT people in Chechnya shouldn’t be believed because Chechen officials say they are not true. She also added that none of the Russian gay rights groups has complained to her about this situation.

Thanks to Jon Levine who solved this puzzle at Jewish news website Mediaite on April 4, 2017. He claimed that Kadyrov was accused of rounding-up 100 Russian gays with several being executed for polluting the Muslim society of 1.3 million people. If that’s true – Vladimir Putin should be dragged to the International Criminal Court (ICC) over such crimes against LGBT community as Chechnya being a Russian dominion practices Russian criminal laws.

In August 2013, British actor Stephen Fry, an open gay, had accused Vladimir Putin with Adolf Hitler over mistreating Russian LGBT community as Hitler treated the Jews during WWII.

Paul A. Goble, an anti-Putin expert on Islam from Azerbaijan who had accused Putin of building Nazi concentration camps for gays earlier, wrote on April 19, 2017: “The Chechen officials, of course, are hardly a disinterested or independent source: any of them who contradicted Ramzan Kadyrov on this point would at a minimum not be acting in a career-enhancing way. But more seriously, no one in the LGBT community in Chechnya could be expected to complain to the very officials whose colleagues have visited repression on them.”

In order to prove his point, Goble narrated the old Russian Jew story.

An old Jew from Moscow applied for an exit visa to go to the United States. He was called in by the KGB and asked why he wanted to leave. Was he unhappy with his work? ‘I have no complaints,’ the Jew said; were his children having difficulty in getting into the right schools. Again the answer, ‘I have no complaints.’ This exchange went on for some time, and finally the KGB officer asked, ‘Well, if you have no complaints, why do you want to go the United States?’ The old Jew replied that the reason was obvious: ‘Once I am there, I will be able to have complaints,’ one benefit Soviet life could never hope to offer him.”

I guess the Zionist idiot has not met Donald Trump’s PR director Omarosa Manigault who is being chased by the US-Israel lobby groups for saying that she is willing to meet Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam.

Chechens have been fighting a nationalist struggle against Russian colonization since the 15th century.


7 responses to “Chechnya’s gay problem

  1. This makes no sense:
    “I don’t believe there are no gays in Chechnya considering 29% of its population are Christian and Jewish settlers from Russia.”

    It sounds like you believe homosexuality is determined by religion and Muslims are immune to it.

    • YES – it happens to be true. Those days have long gone when homosexuality was forbidden in Jewish and Christian scriptures. Eric Russell Chamberlain in his book, The Bad Popes, list several popes who were gays.

      I didn’t say Muslims are immune to Judeo-Christian values – but gays or lesbians in Muslim majority countries don’t consider homosexuality as a ‘badge of honor’ like in the Christian West.

      Simon Jones, a Canadian gay writer and blogger explains it the best.

  2. I think the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Dont trust either the Russian sources and definitely not the western MSM (lame stream media)

  3. “Those days have long gone when homosexuality was forbidden in Jewish and Christian scriptures. Eric Russell Chamberlain in his book, The Bad Popes, list several popes who were gays.”

    Don’t confuse the dogma (scriptures) with the practices of various prelates. The scriptures do not change. Even if some Scofield comes up with a “revised” bible, this does not erase/modify the authentic Christian dogma.
    Homosexuality is a “badge of honor” in the societies steeped in cultural marxism. It has nothing to do with the Christian scripture.
    It was also rampant in the Ottoman Empire (see the Janissary army), not because Islam allows it but because of the corrupt, decaying society in which it existed.
    There is no such thing as “judeo-christian values”– it is a contradiction in terms.

  4. The doings of the Ottoman Empire are well-documented, not a myth. They kidnapped hundreds of young boys from the Christian territories that were part of the “Turkish Pashalîk” and some ended up in the Janissary corps, notoriously homosexual. Others became eunuchs.
    The Christians who know history and are not blinded by religious hatred do not blame Islam for the nastiness of the Ottoman Empire (anymore than they consider Saudi Arabia a representative Muslim country), which is more than can be said about some Muslims who harbor indiscriminate hatred for Christians.

    • You mean the White boys are only good for sex? I heard they’re only good for Jewish ritual scarify aka ‘Blood Libel’.

      In West the ‘well documentation’ usually means FAKE NEWS as we see every day now against Syria, Iran, China and Russia.

      If Saudi Arabia, created by British colonial power, is a ‘representative Muslim country – then Israel created by USSR, US and Britain must be a ‘representative Christian country – Right!

      How can one be so bigots and dumb?

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