The Jew-haters

Theodor Herzl, the father of political Zionism believed Jew-haters as an asset to his plan of establishing a Western colonial outpost in the Middle East.

Since the 1897, the organized Jewry made a point to create Jew-hatred (aka antisemitism) wherever it don’t exist. Both World Wars were result of Jew hatred. After the rise of Adolf Hitler several Jewish leaders joined Nazi party to create Jew-hatred such as Adolf Eichman, Calel Perechodnik, Jozef Szerynski, Adam Czerniakow, Chaim Mordechai Rumkowski, Alfred Nossig, Abraham Gancwajch, Ans van Dijk, Stella Goldschlag, and many others.

During WWII, several Western nations such as the US, UK, Canada, Greece, etc. refused to accept Jewish immigrants from Nazi occupied countries while Hollywood’s Jews collaborated with Nazis.

After the US-Russia-Britain bribed to some UNSC members to admit Israel into the international body as safe place for the World Jewry – the Jew-hatred even increased. So much so that the US taxpayers had to donate US$3 trillion plus 37 vetoes, and German taxpayers US$93 billion to protect Israel and Jews from the Jew-haters. But all such efforts failed. In 2013, American Israel lobby ADL claimed that people in 100 countries hate Jews. In 2014, B’nai B’rith Canada claimed that 4 million Canadians hate Jews.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has just announced US$25 million grant for the protection of JCCs threatened by an Israeli youth. I’m sure tens of million dollars more JCCs would receive from DHS.

Since WWII a great majority of non-Jews claim Holocaust is a fraud even after the 6 million Jews being killed story is taught in every Western school and university and at several dozen Holocaust museums. The Holocaust denial is also a serious crime in 15 European countries.

If that’s not enough, last year UNESCO had the audacity to claim that the Western Wall is not Jewish. On April 2, 2017 – UNESCO passed a resolution blaming Israel of occupying Jerusalem illegally.

In December 2016, New Zealand, a staunch ally of Israel, co-sponsored an anti- Jewish settlement resolution at the UNSC. It was so disgusting that Netanyahu told NZ foreign minister Gerry Brownlee that it’s a declaration of war against Israel. Gerry Brownlee is a Zionist snake. In May 2016, Brownlee, then defense minister, made a secret visit to Israel after visiting New Zealand troops in Iraq and Egypt. He met his Israeli counterpart Gen. Ya’alon, the Butcher of Qana.

On May 2, 2017, four Jewish intellectuals; Stanely Cohen, attorney and human rights activist, Professor of History and author Norton Mezvinsky, Michael Lesher, writer and lawyer, and Israel-British author, jazz-player and human rights activist Gilad Atzmon met at Theatre 80 in New York city to explain why people never stop hating Zionist Jews (watch below).


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