UN Watch: Belgium is pro-Saudi

On April 19, thanks to Washington, Saudi ‘royals’ occupied a seat at the United Nations Commission for Women’s Rights.

On April 28, the Geneva-based UN Watch accused Belgium’s foreign minister Didier Reynders of helping Saudi Arabia in getting a seat at the United Nations Commission for Women’s Rights. It also claimed that Belgium ambassador at the UN, Marc Pecsteen, voted in favor of Saudi candidacy on a request he received from Washington.

Now if the request came from Israel-First Rex Tillerson, Saudi presence at the United Nations Commission for Women’s Rights must be in the interest of the Zionist entity.

In December 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu had refused to meet Didier Reynders for his support of boycott of goods from illegal Jewish settlements.

The UN Watch, headed by Zionist Jew Hillel Neuer was co-founded by powerful American Jewish Congress (AJC), MEMRI and Arab-hating Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Forum in 1993 to monitor criticism of the Zionist regime at the United Nations.

Adam Coogle, the women’s rights expert at the US-based Human Rights Watch (HRW), an Israeli advocacy group said that there was no place for Riyadh to be on the commission because Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow women to drive and is against LGBT communities and same-sex marriage.

I wonder if these Zionist pigs knew that Saudi ‘royals’ gave US$16 billion to Israel in bribe for American Jewish Lobby to look after Riyadh’s interests too.

As expected, Belgium prime minister Charles Michel has now regretted for the anti-Semite vote under Jewish pressure.

Personally, I don’t see any difference between the Saudi ‘royals’ and the Zionist regime. Both are Western colonial outposts with agenda to turn the Muslim world into a subverted nations like the western world.

As far violation of women rights are concerned – I hate to admit that Israeli record is worse than Saudi Arabia. For example, there are no public brothels in Saudi Arabia while Tel Aviv city alone has 280 of them. Jewish women are not allowed to cry at the Holy Wailing Wall along with men – but millions of Muslim men and women perform Hajj in Makkah together. Jewish wives cannot file divorce in Rabbinic courts in Israel while Muslim wives can file divorce in a Shari’ah courts in Saudi Arabia.


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