Israel and N. Korea exchange threats

Last month Israeli defense minister Avigdor Liberman, a Zionfascist and Russian gangster at the Meir Dagan Conference of Strategic Affairs in Netanya identified North Korea, which is 5,000m away, as the greatest threat to Israel. Islamic Republic was second followed by Islamic resistance groups Hamas and Hizbullah.

Pyongyang has crossed the red line with its nuclear tests,” claimed Liberman. I’m sure the Zionist filth is aware of the fact that he has over 240 nuclear warhead under his fat butts – Kim Jong-un has only 15 bombs in his pocket.

Lieberman’s attack on North Korean leader doesn’t come as a surprise to someone who has watched Israeli frustration over Pyongyang’s close ties with Iran, Pakistan, Syria and its support for Palestinian struggle against Jewish occupation. The communist country has been on Israel’s list of rogue states for decades.

In March 2017 at a security conference in Israel, senior security idiots argued over which country or terror organization was the number- one threat. Mossad director Yossi Cohen said it was still Iran; IDF Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eizenkot ranked Hizbullah first; former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo insisted that the unsolved conflicts with the Palestinians and the Arabs represent the greatest danger. Last August, Tamir said that civil war in Israel was the only existential threat. Now defense minister Avigdor Liberman has declared that North Korea has overtaken Iran as the gravest threat to world peace.

Alon Levkowitz, a fellow at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA) in Israel in a study has accused North Korea of selling arms to both Hamas and Hizbullah which are used to kill peace-loving Israelis. The study also claimed that Hizbullah had received training in North Korea, and technical assistance was suspected in the construction of Hamas’s Gaza tunnel network.

In response, on April 30, Pyongyang accused the Zionist entity of being the only illegal possessor of nukes and threat to peace in the region.

Unlike the Zionist entity, North Korea doesn’t pose any threat to US occupied neighboring countries such as South Korea and Japan. Its missile force is not designed to attack the far-away United States but rather to deter any invasion or nuclear attack by the US forces. The US Air Force underlined this potential threat by flying two nuclear-capable B-1 heavy bombers near the border with N. Korea. It would be suicidal for Pyongyang to use nuclear weapons against 38,000 US forces stationed in South Korea as radiation cloud blow back could kill millions of country’s 28 million citizens.

The Israel-First madman in the White House might think that a pro-Israel regime change in N. Korea is as easy as in Iraq or Libya – but hardly anyone has pointed out that North Korea can and almost certainly would retaliate against US assets in the region. Like the Korean War 67 years ago – this time it could draw China and Russia which are now nuclear powers on the side of North Korea.

Beside Israeli poodle in the White House, British, Australian and Canadian poodles have promised to the White House their support against Pyongyang. However, North Korean nuclear and missile deterrent has worked thus far in starving off American military action, and China, despite its frustration with Kim, remains, at least for the time being committed to the survival of a communist regime in Pyongyang for its own security interests.

Recently, powerful Zionist advocacy group, Council on  Foreign Relations (CFR) released a task force report which advised Washington against striking a peace deal with North Korea on the grounds that Pyongyang would expect US troops to withdraw from the peninsula. Were the United States to quit the peninsula militarily, its strategic position relative to China and Russia, namely, its ability to threaten its two near-peer competitors, would be weakened, the report warned. Accordingly, Washington was adjured to refrain from promising Beijing that any help it provided in connection with North Korea would be rewarded by a reduction in the US troop presence on the peninsula.

The Jewish Brookings Institute calls for all-out economic warfare on the North Korean people. “A more robust approach should go after the financial lifeblood of the North Korean regime in new ways: starving the regime of foreign currency, cutting Pyongyang off from the international financial and trading system, squeezing its trading networks, interdicting its commerce, and using covert and overt means to take advantage of the regime’s many vulnerabilities. A strong foundation of military measures must underline this approach,” it advises

Interestingly, on April 30, the kosher Pope Francis urged both Washington and Pyongyang to come to a peaceful solution to save (Judeo-Christian) humanity.

Several Israeli and US Zionist media outlets have banked on Pyongyang’s counter threat to Tel Aviv by claiming that Hamas had thanked North Korea for kicking Israeli AZZ… However, no word on Hizbullah’s reaction on this topic.


2 responses to “Israel and N. Korea exchange threats

  1. How I suddenly love North Korea!
    Go heroic people of North Korea!
    Crush the enemies of humanity which are the international Jewish bankster elite and their pet-project the apartheid regime of Israhell .
    They get their power from the satanic criminal genocidal religion of Rabbinic Judaism, which is satanism in its purest form.

    Defend humanity – nuke Tel-Aviv!

  2. great article…. would like to know more about the zionist regime

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