UK University defies Jews on anti-Holocaust books

History needs David Irving – Donald Cameron Watt (d. 2014), History Professor at the London School of Economics.

British historian Dr. David Irving has thanked Manchester University management over standing up to the organized Jewry by refusing to remove his books from the university library which challenge the Zionist narrative of 6 million Jews killed by Nazis.

Despite a vicious campaign by the organized Jewry, the Manchester University has refused to remove Dr. David Irving’s books from its library. The university has been accused of recommending students to study David Irving and other ‘revisionist’ authors’ literature.

Hollywood has even produced the movie Denial based on Irving’s 2000 libel against Deborah Esther Lipstadt, one of Holocaust Industry’s leading authors, to demonize David Irving. Watch Talmud’s Christian authority Michael Hoffman’s review of the movie below.

Last week, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams threw his support behind the Holocaust Industry to get books by Dr. David Irving removed from the university library. He wrote a letter to university’s vice-Chancellor Dame Nancy Rothwell to express his concern that Irving’s books are available alongside historical textbooks.

Williams also wrote to Tory government’s University Minister Jo Johnson, objecting to Irving’s books being on display at the university.

In February, ahead of the Israel Apartheid Week commemoration, Jo Johnson had instructed all university vice-Chancellors to maintain zero antisemitism at campuses. Last month, Jo Johnson led a delegation of vice-Chancellors to Israel.

I’m glad, Rev. Rowan Williams has not forgotten his clash with the organized Jewry in February 2008 when he uttered some Shari’ah laws are good for Britain.

Last year, Baroness Ruth Deech (Jew) whined that some of Britain’s leading universities such as Manchester, Soas, Southampton and Exeter are becoming no go areas for Jews.

On November 6, 1998 New Zealand historian Dr Joel S Hayward with Jewish family roots, wrote that if Dr. David Irving is not a reliable Holocaust historian then same goes for all historians who believes in the 6 million story.

I can’t find serious flaws in his methodology and I have never found a single example of deliberate falsification of evidence,” Dr. Hayward said (here).


5 responses to “UK University defies Jews on anti-Holocaust books

  1. The holocaust dogma is breaking down that is why the revisionist books must be banned.

  2. The enemies of humanity got this former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams who most likely is a paedophile or in need of money to write a letter to the University minister for removing BOOKS which are critical against their criminal holohoax lies.
    An unforgivable attack on humanity, by our enemies.
    Lobbying for laws which are jailing holocaust revisionists scientist and rolling back civilization to medieval times can never be forgiven either it is also that an unforgivable attack on humanity.
    Humanist Jews need to step up, and denounce this criminal behaviour by their brethern, if they want to be a part of humanity.

    • I call it Holocaust Blasphemy as denying Holocaust is equal to denying Judaism. 15 European nations and Israel it is a serious crime punishable with three-year in jail or heavy fine or both. But insulting Christianity and Islam is not a crime in all European and North American countries.

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