Pope Francis in Cairo

Pope Francis, the destroyer of Catholicism landed in Cairo on a 27-hour visit to Egypt on Friday.

Francis was welcomed by Egypt’s military dictator Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a Crypto Jew at the Itihadeya presidential palace – declaring Francis, “A dear visitor, a unique personality and a high-level spiritual leader.”

Francis also met with country’s Grand Mufti and Coptic pope Tawadros II.

Francis lead a Mass on Saturday attended by 15,000 Christian sheep. At the end of the Mass, Francis blessed Egypt as one of the earliest countries to adopt Christianity.

True faith leads us to protect rights of others with the same zeal and enthusiasm with which we defend our own,” he advised the crowd.

Francis urged Muslim leaders to fight extremism among Muslims. What about the 94% terrorist acts carried out by Judeo-Christians?

Francis, a committed Jesuit (Zionist), never misses a chance blaming Muslim-majority countries for persecuting Christian minorities even though no Muslim country has banned its Christian citizens to practice their religion including building new churches or celebrating Christmas or Easter or wearing Cross in public.

Israel is the only place in the region from where Christians have been forced to leave. When the Zionist entity was created in 1948, there were approximately 400,000 Christians in Palestine. Currently there only 60,000 left – most of them live in Gaza and Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Egypt is home to region’s largest Christian population (10% among country’s 90.5 million population) but hardly 1% follow Catholicism. Majority follows Coptic sect of Christianity headed by Pope of Alexandria Tawadros II.

Francis’ visit was under tight security in response to bombing of a Coptic church early this month – killing dozens of worshippers. Good thing – the attack was not blamed on Muslim Brotherhood by the Jewish-controlled Western media as US-Israel creation ISIS took the responsibility for the terrorist attack.

Israeli Mossad was involved in bombing of Alexandria church in January 2011.

I’m sure, Pope Francis and other Islamophobe bigots can learn a lot from this rabbi who claims that both Judaism and Christianity have been polluted and Israel is the mother of all evils.


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