Israel refuses to extradite JCC-bomb hoaxer

The Zionist regime has rejected US Attorney-General, Israel-First Jeff Sessions’, request for the extradition of Israeli-American JCC-bomb hoaxer to stand trial in a US court. Israeli government fears that under questioning in United States, the dude might admit being a Mossad agent.

The Jew terrorist whose name is under gag order in Israel, is accused of making more than 200 fake threats to American Jewish Community Centers (JCC), schools and cemeteries in order to boost organized Jewry’s claim that American Jews are not safe under Donald Trump’s administration (CNN, February 23, 2017), even though it is loaded with anti-Muslim Jews and Christians led by Jared Kushner whose family funds illegal Jew settlement in the West Bank.

On April 24, the Times of Israel reported that the Jew terrorist’s charge sheet now includes threats to execute children, blow up planes, running a multi-million drugs trading, weapon trafficking – and of course Zionist Jewish specialty – child pornography.”

Israel’s official story is that over 2000 hoaxes over the past couple years, plus other crimes like blackmailing multiple high level US government officials, were carried out single-handedly by a mentally challenged Jewish-American teenager from his parents home in Israel.

Though the Jew evildoer has not claimed that his parents were Holocaust survivors but his woman lawyer has submitted to the court that her client like Adolf Hitler has syphilis infection in his brain – thus he shouldn’t be punished for his actions.

The lawyer of the young Israeli hacker, suspected of sending bomb threats to Jewish facilities across the world, shows the court an image of a tumor in her client's brain, at the Rishon Lezion Magistrate's Court, on March 30, 2017. (Flash90)

Donald Trump had blamed Jews being behind the threats in order to discredit him.

The hoax made a good profit. Jewish groups received millions of dollars from state treasury for protection of JCC and restoration of vandalized cemeteries. Even some Muslim idiots fell for the Jewish hoax and raised $110,000 for restoration of cemeteries.


One response to “Israel refuses to extradite JCC-bomb hoaxer

  1. “some Muslim idiots fell for the Jewish hoax and raised $110,000 for restoration of cemeteries.”

    No, no, no, they were not idiots. It was a misunderstanding. They thought the funds were for restoring these cemeteries:

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