Somalia cursed for offshore oil

The US army is in Somalia to fight terrorism, right? Wrong. The al-Shabaab like ISIS and Somalian pirates is a US-Israel joint venture. Luckily Washington doesn’t need to bring a regime change in Somalia like Libya and Syria because Somalian president Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi (Farmaajo) Mohamed is an American citizen. America is in Somalia for the huge offshore oil discovery (watch a video below) – and al-Shabaab creates terrorism to provide the US an excuse to keep people killing in the name of War on Terror.

In 2015, London-based Soma Oil and Gas Company, announced that it has found huge deposits of oil and gas off the coast of Somalia. Russian billionaire Alexander Djaparidze (Jew) holds 30% shares in the company.

In 2013, when former president Hassan Mohamud came into office, then petroleum minister Abdirizak appointed legal advisor Canadian J. Jay Parker and deal maker Frenchman Patrick Molliere. This led to the subsequent signing of Soma Oil deal with the government. Parker was later instrumental in drafting the Petroleum Law 2008.

Somalian government intends to issue drilling license to multinational companies this year and exploration is expected to begin in 2018. This natural resource discovery could turn to be a curse for the 100% Muslim African nation as Western Vultures hate to see another independent and rich African country like Libya under Qadaffi.

Other African countries such as Mozambique and Tanzania reportedly have 30 Bbbl of oil reserves.

I’m sure, Canada has a good chance to get a good piece of oil and gas pie – as our minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, MP Ahmed Hussein was born and raised in Somalia.

History is a perfect and accurate representation of how foreign involvement in Somalia has not been a success, whilst there are no differing changes to prove that it will in the future. History also illustrates that the only time Somalia was close to stability under the Islamic Court Union (ICU) didn’t require foreign involvement. A lesson needs to be learned from Somalia’s neighbouring internationally unrecognized Somaliland which has established its own full-fledged democratic institutions, a national currency and a banking sector. Despite the lack of foreign recognition Somaliland’s economy has been steadily on the rise even though its unrecognized status means that it can’t access funding from the World Bank, IMF or other donors. The lack of foreign assistance as a result of its ineligibility has brought Somaliland success, providing peace, stability and democracy. The Somaliland success story shows that Somalis have the sufficient capacity to rebuild their own country in the right environment. The West must be very careful to maintain a fine line between supporting the people of Somalia in reaching their aspirations for stability and involving themselves too heavily, which could act to contradict these aspirations,” wrote Omar Mashjari, a UK-based Somalian blogger.

UNICEP under Thomas Lake (Jew), former senior adviser to Bill Clinton oversaw the starvation deaths of at least 250,000 Somalis, mainly children, during the last Great Horn of Africa Drought and famine of 2010-2012 (here).



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