Holocaust under siege in the West

On April 24, 2017, pro-Israeli Western leaders will join Israeli president Reuven Rivlin and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Yad Vashem (watch video below) to mark Yom HaShoah aka Holocaust Remembrance Day. Siren sounds will be heard in Jordan, Gaza, and Lebanon while whole of the Zionist entity grinds to a halt.

However, in recent years, leaders of several Western nations have stopped believing in the 6 million Holocaust myth. For example, after Lithuania debunked the myth in 2010, several European nations such as Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Romania, and Ukraine have refused to accept their responsibility for killing Jews while under German or Russian  occupation. In fact, Ukrainian Svoboda party is proud of its collaboration with German forces.

Last year, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, a friend of Israel, forgot Jewish only suffering in his Holocaust Day message.

In February, the White House statement on Holocaust Day didn’t highlight Jewish genocide during WWII. And last week, White House press secretary Christian Zionist Sean Spicer praised Adolph Hitler for not using chemical weapons against Jews as Assad did against his own people. Yad Vashem reacted strongly to the Trump administration’s ignorance of the importance of Holocaust to Jewish people which has become a religion of the organized Jewry.

If that’s not enough, earlier this month, French presidential front-runner Marine Le Pen claimed that France is not responsible for the deportation of French Jews to Nazi camps while occupied by Germany.

Holocaust has become Israel’s greatest PR to shield, 1) Zionist collaboration with Nazis, 2) lock-in 6 million figure without some solid proof, and 3) hide the fact that the mass killing of Jews were carried out by Frankist Jews in Europe – but Palestinians are made to pay for the European crimes.

The Yad Vashem, Zionist entity’s national Holocaust memorial and museum, is built over a piece of land Muslims used a graveyard (Mamilla cemetery) from the 13th century to the 1920s. It’s built by Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) at the cost of US$100 million paid by US taxpayers’ and not by the Israeli government. The SWC is named after Simon Wiesenthal, the myth-maker and Mossad agent.


4 responses to “Holocaust under siege in the West

  1. My questions are:
    1. Is it true in its entire story?
    2. If part of it is true why cannot people discuss the evidence?
    3. Why is every other race is responsible for it while the “chosen” race is never responsible for anything related to it or not?
    4. Why is any non-believer is anti-semitic? What is the connection between asking for proof and anti-semitism?
    5. Why “love your own race” is a hate word but “anti-semitic” is still not a hate word?

    Do they keep telling lies and warped logics to turn White people into self-hating zombies ?

    • The answers would be …..
      1. Jews have been persecuted in Europe for centuries based on social and political crimes of their elites. But there is no proof that they were ethnically cleansed by White Christians.
      2. There is international censorship to discuss the Zionist narrative of Jewish sufferings. Organized Jewry, though, have reduced the death toll from 11 million to 2.5 million but the world has to accept ‘6 million’ as a divine command.
      3. The Bible says the ‘chosen ones’ cannot commit a crime because ‘they’re what they’re’.
      4. Not all non-believers are antisemites. There are over 80 million Christian Zionists and Evangelicals who are not called antisemite officially. If you like, you can add over a million Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and atheists to that.
      5. Personally speaking – One may love his/her own race based on color and ethnicity as long as he doesn’t hate the rest of humanity which doesn’t fall within his/her ‘chosen ones’.

      They keep telling lies because they own the Western politicians and press.

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  3. All this holocaust nonsense diverts attention from the problems that World Jewry has caused. They were behind the murderous communist regimes. The Jews promote cultural Marxism.

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