Cui Bono: French democracy is in ‘real trouble’!

Cui Bono – Does organized Jewry benefit is the first question comes to mind when I hear Jewish group whining about anything.

On Friday, Francis Kalifat, president of France’s powerful Israel lobby CRIF, sounded alarm for the fate of democracy in the country if the next president of the country is not a Zionist whore like Francois Hollande or Nicolas Sarkozy.

There is a real danger that France’s democracy will be destroyed by its next president,” Kalifat said in an with the RJC Jewish radio station.

Latest poll shows anti-Muslim Marine Le Pen in tight race for the top with former Rothschild banker millionaire Emmanuel Macron (gay). Each candidate had 23.5 percent of the vote in an Ifop poll released Wednesday. Their leading opponent Francois Fillon with 19.5 percent followed by the communist candidate, Jean-Luc Melenchon. CRIF has flagged Melenchon an anti-Jew but not Marine Le Pen.

In 2014, Melenchon said that Jews are not special or superior than other French citizens. He also supports BDS and claims that criticism of the Zionist regime is not hatred toward Jews.

Marine, on the other hand, like former presidents Gen. Charles de Gaulle and Francois Mitterand, claims that France is not responsible for arrest or deportation of Jews during German occupation. She has also advised French Jews to stop wearing kippahs in public in order to help French government in making Hijab ban kosher.

Marine Le Pen’s current boyfriend Louis Aliot is Jewish. She is very pro-Israel. She likes Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. She hates Islam and consider Muslims terrorists.

Marine has blamed the false flag attacks in France on the enemies of the Zionist entity.

Last month, Francois Fillon camp irked some Jewish groups by tweeting an image of Emmanuel Macron with hooked nose, wearing a top hat and carrying a red sickle to cut a cigar.

On April 20, 2017, Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz published an article by Amiel Ungar with title, Le Pen is Right about Muslims, Wrong About Jews – claiming that 7-9 million French Muslims pose threat to French values but not the 500,000 French Jews.

It seems Israel favors Marine Le Pen. The US-Israel proxy ISIS pulled another anti-Muslim false flag at the Champs-Elysees in Paris on April 20, 2017.


One response to “Cui Bono: French democracy is in ‘real trouble’!

  1. “It seems Israel favors Marine Le Pen.”
    I believe they favor Macron, just as in the US they favored Clinton, but if Le Pen pulls ahead she’ll be a good second option, just as Trump was. They never lack for a Plan B.
    They don’t favor her for the same reason they didn’t favor Trump: islamophobia is fine when coupled with philosemitism and support for Israel, but nationalist rhetoric is not “good for the Jews.” Nevertheless, they straightened Trump pretty fast and have every reason to hope they’ll succeed with Le Pen.

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