Barghouti: Palestinian Nelson Mandela!

One needs to enjoy the Palestinian heroes made by Israelis such as Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, Marwan Barghouti, Gen. Dahlan, and other  so-called ‘moderate’ secularist leaders.

On Sunday, the Jew York Time published an Op-Ed by Marwan Bargouti, entitled, Why We Are On Hunger Strike In Israel’s Prisons. Barghouti is serving five life-terms in some Jewish jail in occupied Palestine for inciting Palestinians to kill innocent foreign Jews occupying Palestinian land. For this crime, Barghouti was transferred to a solitary confinement cell while the Jew York Times has apologized to Benjamin Netanyahu for committing this treason against a foreign entity.

I have no respect for such Muslim leaders who like White Christian leaders are willing to sell their souls for Jewish money and praise.

On April 21, 2017, Marwan Barghouti was declared Palestine’s Nelson Mandela by no other than Uri Avnery, a former Jew terrorist turned Israeli politician and peacemaker. Uri Avnery, in the past, has claimed that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former president of Islamic Republic of Iran was a Mossad agent and Israel is not an apartheid state.

Avnery claims that Barghouti like him too believe in two-state solution to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict. “A State of Palestine next to the State of Israel, and to establish peace between the two states, based on the 1967 lines (78% of historic Palestine land for Israel and only 22% for the native Palestinians), with open borders and cooperation,” Avnery said.

Contrary to Barghouti’s generosity toward alien Jews, Nelson Mandela who spent more than 28 years in Israel’s top African ally, White-occupied South African jail – never agreed to a two-state solution for South Africa.

Iran has supported both Palestinian and South Africans in their fight against their European occupiers. Nelson Mandela, Bishop Tutu and other South African leaders have visited Iran to thank for country’s help. Mandela even called Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei MY LEADER.

Marwan Barghouti belongs to Mahmoud Abbas’, a traitor to Palestinian cause, Fatah party. He is being groomed as the next Palestinian leader to counter Islamic resistance groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The more Barghouti appears as a freedom fighter, the more Israel’s oppression is magnified, and vice versa. So if you can make him into a terrorist, then that immediately dispels what he is saying. But when it comes to Nelson Mandela, we’re quick to forget all that,” says Jonathan Ofir, an Israeli Jew filmmaker and blogger living in Sweden.


One response to “Barghouti: Palestinian Nelson Mandela!

  1. “with open borders and cooperation,” Avnery said”
    That sounds very good. Open on the Israeli side only is enough, I guess.
    As for cooperation, there are so many possibilities, like for example: the Jews harvest much needed organs for transplant and the Palestinians stop complaining that the bodies of their sons, killed by the IDF, are returned with long chest and abdomen sutures….

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