Israelis want Ahmadinejad to get re-elected

If you’re hated by enemies of your nation, rest assured you must be doing something good for your nation,” Pakistan’s first military dictator Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan quoted Chinese prime minister Chou en-Lai in his 2008 autobiography, Friends not Masters.

If Ahmadinejad were somehow to be re-elected as Iranian president, it would have the positive effect of waking up those who have been anesthetized by the soothing rhetoric of president Hassan Rouhani. Both Rouhani and Ahmadinejad represent the same dangerous regime. The difference between them is that the latter is the true face of that regime,” Israeli attorney Lt. Col. David Benjamin told CBN News while commenting on Ahmadinejad’s decision to contest presidential election next month.

Under country’s Constitution, Ahmadinejad is allowed to contest the post four years after his two-terms presidency (2005-2013).

Last year, US-based Gatestone Institute, an Israeli advocacy group had predicted that Iranian public was not happy with Rouhani administration due to its submission to the West over country’s nuclear stand and its economical policies which mostly benefit the rich class.

On April 12, Ahmadinejad shocked pro-West Iranian camp (the moderates), and Zionist-controlled Western leaders by showing-up to register himself as one the presidential candidates for the May 19 election.

Flanked by reporters after filling out registration forms and making a victory sign, Ahmadinejad said: “The Leader advised me not to participate in the elections, and I accepted. His advice, however, shouldn’t be taken to mean that I’m banned.”

Ahmadinejad still maintains a huge following among Iran’s middle and poor classes, and Iraqi, Lebanese and Syrian people.

Sadegh Zibakalam, a political science professor at the University of Tehran, said a week before the registration that Ahmadinejad could challenge Rouhani seriously as the front runner Sheikh Ebrahim Raisi falls short of doing due to weak grassroots support.

Raisi who received the title of Hard-liner (meaning anti-Israel) from the Israeli hasbara crowed while the Washington Post (September 26, 2016) projected him the next Supreme Leader after Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, saying, “he is no friend of the West.”

Earlier Ahmadinejad threw his support behind his former aide Hamid Baghaei who announced his candidacy in February 2017.

The current president Hassan Rouhani has not announced his bid for re-election.

If allowed to contest the election by the powerful 12-member Guardian Council and win the election, Ahmadinejad will make history – being the only politician to win third-term as country’s president. However, that would increase Jewish Lobby pressure on Americans to start WWIII with Iran and its nuclear allies Russia, China and Pakistan.

Ahmadinejad is no doubt remains the most hated Muslim leader of the free world by the organized Jewry – and for some good reasons.

How paranoid Israeli leaders are when it comes to Iran? On April 12, Israeli defense minister Avigdor Lieberman predicted that Iranian president Hassan Rouhani would be assassinated by Hamas agents on the election day (here).


2 responses to “Israelis want Ahmadinejad to get re-elected

  1. Ahmedinejad needs to take the advice of Imam Khamanei and stay out. That Israelis are rooting for him should confirm for him that the advice of the Imam is sound.

  2. The enemies of humanity know that through the their media dominance and their ability to corrupt the Gentiles, they can still propagate the lie that Iran wants to exterminate the Jews/”Wipe Israel of the map”.
    Here the Israeli deputy PM admits that Ahmadeniad wished for the dismantlement of the Israeli regime

    Journalist Ginna Lindberg at Swedish national radio retransmitted this lie, and a friend Kristoffer Hell complained at the government body which supervises the national broadcast company. He questioned her about her fact checking, to which she responded that “Obama said so”.

    We took the case up to the Supreme court on administrative affaires “Högsta förvaltningsdomstolen”
    where we provided videoevidence where the Depute Israeli PM admits that Iran didn’t say so, as well as a written statement from an anti-Iran professor of Farsi from University of Stockholm that Ahmadinejad didn’t say what the propagandists claim, but that didn’t suit the corrupted (freemasons?), so we lost anyway, truth didn’t matter.

    I understand that the Jews will recycle the lie, and that they will get away with it.

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