Pakistan’s only Jew declared ‘insane’ by his brothers

Brothers Say Pakistani Man Claiming Jewish Roots Is 'Insane' - Forward;

Three years ago, Israeli blogger Marc Goldberg had reported that Pakistani-born Faisal became country’s only Jew by claiming that his mother was born into an American Jewish family who married a Muslim engineer from Pakistan. Thus, under Jewish Halakah (Shari’ah) he was a bona-fide Jew. His three brothers from the same mother had refused to declare their Jewishness.

On April 9, 2017, America’s oldest newspaper, Jewish Daily Forward claimed that Faisal’s brothers have call him insane who has brought shame to their mother.

According to the paper, “Faisal Benkhald, 29, who took Yiddish name Fischel was finally got registered as the only Jewish citizen of the country after three-year legal battle. He claims that his mother used to bake Challah and light candles on Shabbat.”

His brothers who are older than Fischel, told the Jerusalem-based the Times of Israel that both of their parents were born Muslims and the dude is lying to receive money from Evangelic groups and help to get political asylum in some Western country.

Their mother died 20 years ago and father shortly afterwards.

I wonder if Fischel ever thought of immigrating to neighboring Iran that has over 30,000-strong Jewish community. Once he get hooked-up with a Jewish woman – it would be damn easy to take political asylum in the US or UK.

Fischel is not alone anymore. Thanks to Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka – now everyone wants to be Jewish, according to two Jew researchers, Dr. Netanel Fisher and Prof. Tudor Parfitt.

For thousands of years, the Jewish people were perceived as a rejected group. No one wanted to join. If there were any massive movement, it was in the opposite direction. Many Jews tried to shake off the ‘Jewish weight’ off their shoulders and assimilate into the general society,” says Fisher.


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