Netanyahu, Trump, Assad, Putin and Golan Heights

Israeli girls write messages in Hebrew on shells ready to be fired toward Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon.
Photo: AFP

In case you missed – American Jewish ‘philosopher’ Noam Chomsky, Israel’s Gatekeeper, in an interview with Jewish-run Democracy Now! has claimed that Trump’s recent missile attacks on Syria were kosher while the Islam-bashing  American ‘intellectual’ Michael Savage (a Jew convert to Christianity) has blamed Trump’s Jews for Fake Syria Gas Attack (Daily Stormer, April 8).

I posted my views on this US-Israeli false flag here.

There is another story behind Trump’s U-turn from America First to Israel First which was discussed during Netanyahu-Trump February 16  meeting in which beside discussing illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, moving US embassy to Jerusalem, an independent Palestinian state, Russia, Iran – Netanyahu asked Donald Trump to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Syrian territory Golan Heights occupied by Jewish Army in June 1967.

On February 28, commenting on Netanyahu-Trump talks the Jerusalem Post journalist Matthew Brodsky wrote about the real issue discussed between the two anti-Muslim creeps: “The biggest news to come out of Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington is not what’s grabbing most headlines. Rather, it’s his decision to ask the US to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights.”

Brodsky went on to argue, “the risk of returning the Golan Heights should be measured against the fact that Iran is actively setting up another forward command along Israel’s border with Syria. Capitalizing on Netanyahu’s idea will help the US limit Russia’s reemergence as a Middle East power broker after a 40-year absence.”

On February 20, Mark Dubowitz, executive director of Zioconservative think tank, Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies whined at Rupert Murdoch’s Israeli Hasbara newspaper, The Wall Street Journal that American recognition of Israel’s control of the Golan Heights “would provide the Israeli government with a diplomatic win while helping the Trump administration signal to Russia and Iran that the US is charting a new course in Syria.

On March 22, US secretary of state Rex Tillerson, an Iranophobe who declared the Zionist regime to be US’s greatest ally in a speech in January 2017 – convened Trump’s so-called Global Coalition to defeat the US-Israel created ISIS in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. Representatives from 68 countries and organization were invited to attend. However, the four countries (Syria, Iran, Syria, Iraq) and Hizbullah which succeeded in defeating ISIS were not invited.

Speaking to the delegates, Rex Tillerson declared that US policy of the Trump Administration will be to “the regional elimination of ISIS through military force. The military power of the coalition will remain where this fraudulent caliphate has existed in order to set the conditions for a full recovery from the tyranny of ISIS.” In other words, a US-led permanent occupation of the ISIS-controlled areas of Syria and Iraq.

The pro-Israel think tank RAND in its recent report called for a permanent partition of Syria by Turkey, Syrian opposition and United States.

According to Israeli media, Netanyahu has removed 250,000 Jew settlers from Israel-Lebanon border fearing reprisal from Hizbullah in case an open war break-down between the US and Syrian army.

The Israeli subsidiary of a Newark, New Jersey oil company, Genie Energy, has been given permission by Netanyahu to drill for oil on the Golan Heights. The company has Dick Cheney, James Woolsey,  Bill Richardson, Rupert Murdoch, Larry Summers, and Jew billionaires Michael Steinhardt and Lord Jacob Rothschild on company’s Board of Directors.

The real state tycoon Donald Trump wouldn’t like to miss a chance to own a piece of Arab oil.


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  2. Syria is not only very badly situated, in a highly–let’s say inconvenient geographic location but on top of that it has committed some unforgivable acts:

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