Trump’s proxy war on Syria for Israel begins

As expected Donald Trump has used the recent Syrian poison-gas false flag to begin American attack on Syria by firing 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at al-Shayrat airbase in Homs province.

As expected the Jewish-media’s Russian anti-missile batteries installed to counter the USraeli missiles or jetfighters didn’t block the American Tomahawk cruise missiles. As I had posted two years ago that Putin didn’t come to protect Syrian people from the foreign insurgency – but to protect the Zionist entity from the Axis of Resistance (Iran, Syria and Hizbullah).

On Friday, during UNSC emergency meeting, the US ambassador Nikki Haley, a Sikh-born Christian Zionist by marriage, threatened Assad with more missile strikes before sending US coward soldiers to face Hizbullah fighters in Syria.

America’s NATO and Arab allies have praised the attack. Zionist entity president Reuven Rivlin and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu have called US’s missile attacks appropriate. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau claims that Washington had informed NATO allies ahead of the missile strike.

Syria, Iran, Hizbullah and Russia have blasted United States over the strike – calling it a naked aggression against a sovereign state and member of United Nation without declaring war.

Hizbullah warned in a statement on Friday that this “foolish step by the Trump administration will be the beginning of a great and dangerous escalation in the region involving the Zionist entity.”

It seems Trump hasn’t learned from George Bush’s stupidity by supporting the Jewish army against Hizbullah fighters in 2006.

On April 6, former White House official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in a blog post, entitled, Trump Has Surrendered. Will Putin Be the Next To surrender?, wrote: “The Washington Establishment has reasserted control. First Flynn and now Bannon. All that are left in the Trump administration are the Zionists and the crazed generals who want war with Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and North Korea.”

I don’t understand why Dr. Roberts believes Gen. Flynn and Bannon are Christian Zionists – both are anti-Muslim and pro-Israel. Former president Barack Obama in fact had fired both Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and Gen. James Mattis over their opposition to P5+1 and Iran nuclear agreement.

The Syrian conflict is set to be reopened. That is the point of the chemical attack blamed by Washington on Syria despite the absence of any evidence. It is completely obvious that the chemical attack is a Washington orchestrated event. According to reports US Secretary of State Tillerson has warned Russia that steps are underway to remove Syrian president Assad. Trump agrees,” Roberts said.

The removal of Assad allows Washington to impose another Washington puppet on Muslim peoples, to remove another Arab government with an independent policy from Washington, to remove another government that is opposed to Israel’s theft of Palestine, and for Exxon’s Tillerson and the neoconservative hegemonists to cut Russian natural gas off from Europe with a US controlled gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe via Syria,” Roberts adds.

This was a ridiculous idea as terrorism is Washington’s weapon. If Washington can move Russia out of the way with threats or more Russian misplaced hopes of cooperation with Washington, terrorism will next be directed against Iran on a large scale. When Iran falls, terrorism will start to work on the Russian Federation and on the Chinese province that borders Kazakhstan. Washington has already given Russia a taste of US-supported terrorism in Chechnya. More is to come,” Roberts said.


9 responses to “Trump’s proxy war on Syria for Israel begins

  1. Unless Putin is taking his country on a suicide mission, Russia & the resistance team cannot afford to allow Assad to fall. If they do the Rothschild Zionist cartel of Usrael-UK-SaudIsraelia will go after Russia itself & dismantle the federation.
    Out of the 59 Tomahawk missiles launched only 23 hit their targets. This action is a face saving measure by the Coalition of the Killing

  2. A dot connector piece is also this. When the Syrian Arab Army humiliated the Zionist Entity by downing one of their jets last month an enraged Satanyahu complained to Putin that the next time the Syrians do that Israel would decimate the Syrian airforce. Putin told him in no uncertain terms that would not be a good idea. So off the coward Israelis went crying to US, twisting the arm of the Trump team (who only last week said they have no interest in removing Assad) to attack Syria. It’s all about this Hellish Little Demon entity that wants 24/7 war.

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  4. Well, THIS is certainly an informative post! What I get is that, “false flag” or not, Bashar has Asma… and he’d like to provide ‘asthma’ to all the Sunni inhabitants of IdLib. What a generous man! All those Tomahawk Cruise Missiles (or “Tom Cruise Missiles”, as we know them) wasted just to spend more money on Raytheon Arms is an employment enhancement here, for the people in Aridzona. They COULD have sent ONE missile down a chimney in Damascus and actually done some Good.
    I also found it laughable when Bashar threatened to send a flood of Scud missiles into Israel. “You break my runway and I will shoot your dog!” (Well, go ahead, my tall accomplice.) ^..^

    • Bashar al-Assad never threatened to kill the holocaust survivors occupying Palestine. In fact he never ordered Syrian army to recapture Golan Heights from the Jews. The only one who had fired a few Scuds on the parasites living in Israel, was Iraqi army during the US invasion in the 1990s.

      As long as Hizbullah is supporting al-Assad, he will leave it to Lebanese to do his dirty work – after all, it’s Hizbullah fighters who destroyed Might Jewish army in June 2006 war.

    • According to our Jewish friendly investigative journalist Jeffrey Silverman – Sarin gas stocks hit inside rebel held Syrian area were produced by Uncle Sam.

      According to ‘Veterans Today’ news website, Jew actor George Clooney of ‘Save Darfur’ fame knew that the organization ‘Swedish Doctors for Human Rights’ had cited the “White Helmets” as child killers when he produced the Oscar winning propaganda video that may well have led to this latest outrage. The organization, SWEDHR is very real, their work authoritative and their indictment of the White Helmets for killing children in order to stage propaganda videos would have been known to Clooney and Netflix.

  5. Clooney and his wife are tools; that became apparent long ago.

    • Lebanon-born British barrister Amal Alamuddin Clooney was born into a Druze (non-Muslim) family which sided with Jewish army against Hizbullah during the 1980s occupation of South Lebanon.

      Both husband and wife are members of the US-Israeli Project to destroy Muslim resistance to the Western colonial outpost in the Arab world.

      Jewish press is very excited over her being pregnant with two. I wonder if the twin would be accepted as Jews like Donald Trump’s grandchildren because Amal has not converted to Judaism so far….

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