Syria and the USrael’s WMD false flag

On Tuesday, 72 people were killed and over 200 injured in rebel occupied Syrian town of Khan Sheikhun as result of a poisonous gas attack which was immediately blamed on Syrian forces by the western Zionist-controlled media in order to prepare groundwork for American invasion of Syria. Benjamin Netanyahu and US Jewish lobbying groups have been urging the White House and lawmaker for the removal of pro-Iran Syrian president Bashar al-Assad for over a decade.

Former Congressman Ron Paul called the chemical attack on Syria being a false flag operation to sabotage Russia-Iran-Turkey efforts to resolve the six-year-old Syrian bloodshed through negotiation.

This is not the first US-Israeli chemical attack false flag pinned on president Assad. In August 2013, a similar attacked was carried out against Syrian army which then British MP George Galloway claimed was the work of anti-Assad rebels who received chemical weapons from Israel. The US used that attack to rob Syria of its only deterrent against the Zionist entity.

In 2014, John Kerry had confirmed that all chemical weapons were successfully removed from Syria. He also thanked all US allies at the UN who collaborated with Zionist agenda. Now the morons in Israel, Britain and United states want us to believe that like Saddam Hussein’ WMDs, the West failed to destroy the Syrian WMDs.

The chemical attack came at the same time as another Zionist media attack was occurring against the Syrian government, claiming that Syrian hospitals were in fact secret torture slaughterhouses.

Poison gas attacks and use of uranium-tipped bullets are favorite tactics of foreign powers which want to maintain Israel’s military superiority in the region.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump, the Zionist puppet in the White House, blamed both Assad and Obama for the latest chemical attack. “When you kill innocent children, innocent babies – babies, little babies – with a chemical gas that is so lethal, people were shocked to hear what gas it was, that crosses many, many lines,” Trump said.

One wonder if the moron knows that Jew soldiers have killed 2,150 Palestinian children during the last 16 years while Palestinian ‘terrorists’ were able to kill only 134 Israeli children.

Syria, Russia and Iran has rejected Washington’s lies about the incident. Putin even rebuked serial liar Netanyahu for blaming Assad for the poison-gas attack. Putin’s direct reproach to Netanyahu and its mention in the official Kremlin statement means the Russian leader refuses to buy Netanyahu’s lie that if Assad stays in power, Syria could become an Iran-Hizbullah satellite.

Interestingly, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former chief rabbi of Israel and currently chief rabbi of Tel Aviv said on Thursday that “Syrian people are going through a Holocaust since 2011.” However, he avoided to mention that Syrian Holocaust is being committed by the descendants of the victim of the Nazi Holocaust.

In December 2011 Dr David Duke warned fellow Americans that like Iraqi invasion in 2003, wars against Syria and Iran are based on Zionist propaganda lies (listen below).

UK’s former ambassador to Syria in an interview (listen below) said that neither Syrian regime or Russia was behind the chemical attack. He said that it’s a Fake News by the powers which benefit from an anti-Iran regime change in Damascus.


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