India’s ban on holy cow and cricket match

Cricket and holy cow have become major tools in the hands of anti-Muslim-pro-Israel Modi government to demonize Muslims and neighboring Pakistan.

Cow meat is consumed not only by the majority of Muslim (160 million) and Hindu Dalit (220 million) minorities – India is world’s largest exporter of beef. However, slaughter of cow and bullock by Muslims is banned in majority of Indian states. Several Muslims have been lynched to death by Hindu mobs over slaughtering of a cow.

On April 7, 2017, ruling party BJP’s Mangal Prabhat Lodha, MPA from Mumbai demanded capital punishment for killers of cow and bulls.

Cricket is the national sports of India and Pakistan. However no Pakistani cricketer has been allowed to play at Indian Premier League (IPL) since its creation in 2008. On April 5, Bollywood veteran actor Rishi Kapoor urged Indian Cricket Board to allow Pakistani players to show their talents at the IPL’s matches being played now.

Muslim players from Indian occupied Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir have used cricket to show their hatred of Hindu occupation. Recently, a number of Kashmiri cricketers were detained by the local Hindu police for playing Pakistani anthem before starting a friendly match with an Indian team while wearing Pakistan cricket team uniform (watch below).

With every passing day, news in India looks more like a really saffronised version of The Onion. Politicians assaulting flight staff, Nigerian students getting beaten up for imaginary cannibalism, dairy farmers murdered by cow vigilantes, hatred toward Pakistani sports player and Bengalis eating fish, etc.

On Thursday, one of Pakistan’s top journalist, Nadeen Farooq Paracha, posted a parody, entitled, Modi adds cows to cricket team making fun of Hindutva obsession with everything related with Muslims and Islam.

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the Indian cricket board, the BCCI, to select at least two cows in the country’s cricket team. A government spokesperson Anu Kintan Karnik Lal Taneja (aka Bob) said that since cricket was India’s most popular sport, the quota system will first be implemented in cricket and then extended to other sports. It is believed that since India has a Hindu majority, the selected cows will be included at the expense of Muslim players in the team,” wrote Paracha.


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