Sri Lanka: Racism against Muslim minority

On March 25, 2017, Sri Lankan president Maithripla Sirisena signed a presidential degree declaring  nearly 100,000 acre lands adjacent to Wilpattu National Park as forest reserve. This is the area from where 15,000 Muslims were forcibly evicted by Tamil LTTE terrorists nearly 28 years ago.

Sirisena’s decision has not surprised Muslims and Tamils as he has been pampering the very Sinhala Buddhist racists majority (70%) whom he pledged to contain while forgetting that it were Muslim and Tamil votes which made him win the presidency.

Latheef Farook, country’s veteran journalist claims that “president Sirisena is promoting Sinhala racist agenda against Muslims in the same way the previous Rajapaksa regime promoted racist elements against Muslims.”

Interestingly, president Maithripla Sirisena’s 47 member cabinet has four Muslim ministers and two deputy ministers but like American politicians, they are poodles of the Establishment.

The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) is Sri Lanka’s largest Buddhist anti-Muslim political party. Its leader Galagoda Gnanasara is incarnation of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. By using worst form of derogatory language to humiliate Muslims, BBS leaders have stooped to the lowest of moral depth in their drive to poison Sinhalese minds against Muslims. In doing so they have betrayed their claim to represent or safeguard Buddhism. Their lawlessness has reached such low that they even dismiss court order causing crippling demoralizing effect on peace loving people.

Their attacks on Muslims, Islam, and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) shows BBS leaders have adopted Israeli and Zionist world-wide anti-Muslim propaganda. The agenda of Israel, Godfathers of terrorism in the Middle East and beyond, has been to demonize Islam and destroy Muslim countries and slaughter innocent Muslims as they have done and , still doing, in the Middle East and beyond, since the collapse of former Soviet Union in 1989. The agenda of Sinhala racist mercenaries remain the same. It appears as they claimed openly they too want Muslim blood and flesh as their comrades in Myanmar, led by so called Monk Wirathu, described as face of Buddhist Terror by TIME magazine, doing to Muslim there,” says Latheef Farook.

Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa and his defense minister Gotabaya Rajapaksa had visited the Zionist entity. BBS’s head office was funded by a German Jew millionaire.

During the Rajapaksa government mosques were attacked all over the island. Muslim business establishments were burnt. Muslim businessmen were kidnapped and even killed.

With the change of government in January 2015 Buddhist thugs almost went underground while the UNP led government, continuing Rajapaksa policy, opened flood gates of goodwill to the Zionist regime which is carrying-out its anti-Muslim agenda via Kabbalah Centers and Jewish tourists.

Muslims who make 10% of Sri Lanka’s total population of 22.5 million have a rich history of 1,300 years. During the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial powers, Muslims were in hand and gloves with Sinhalese kings defending the country. They were finance, trade, and health advisers.

Islam was brought to the island by Arab traders by the end of 7th century. In 712 CE a group of Muslim pilgrims from the Island on way to Makkah were captured and imprisoned by Hindu Raja Dahir Sen, ruler of state of Sindh (now a province of Pakistan) brought Muslim Arab army under the command of 17-year-old Muhammad Bin Qassim. Raja’s forces were defeated and Muhammad Bin Qassim was appointed Damascus’ Governor of Sindh. He abolished Hindu caste system and gave agricultural land mostly owned by upper-class Brahmins to low-caste Dalit some of whom converted to Islam.


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