Ukraine’s Joan of Arc: ‘Jewish yoke must be fought against’

Ukraine MP Nadiya Viktorivna Savchenko, 36, country’s hero jet pilot has irked the European organized Jewry. On March 28, speaking with New One Channel, she claimed that the Jewish yoke, which is evidenced in Ukraine today, should be fought against.

In response to a questioner, Savchenko said: “Jews make 2% of country’s population while 80% of the Jews are in power. These are Groysman, Valtsman, Yuliya Tymoshenko, Beryoza, Logvinskiy and so on.”

On June 9, 2016, Ivan Bateson bestowed the title of Joan of Arc on Nadiya at the neocon mouthpiece Foreign Policy (FP) magazine.

Outspoken, strong-willed, and unabashedly blunt, Savchenko is not one to mince her words. Captured by Russian-backed separatists in 2014 while fighting with a volunteer battalion in the Donbass region, Savchenko’s bold defiance throughout her imprisonment made her a national symbol for Ukraine’s larger struggle against Russia and saw her voted into Parliament in absentia in October 2014. Since her release, she has taken the Ukrainian media by storm: making headlines with straight talk about the sad state of the country’s politics, the ongoing war in the east, and the teetering national economy,” wrote Bateson.

In December 2016, Nadiya visited Canada and met Justin Trudeau’s cabinet members with the message: “Ukraine’s friends should do as she did, and give Putin an upraised middle finger.” Pity, Nadiya missed to meet her Ukrainian sister, Canada’s new Jewish foreign minister Chrystia Freeland.

Last year, UK’s pro-Israel advocacy group Chatham House showered praise on Nadiya. “While in jail, the Fatherland party of former Jew prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko – she of the crown of golden braids – got Savchenko elected to parliament to boost her chances of being released,” wrote Helen Fitzwilliam.

In January 2017, Nadiya proposed trading Crimea with Donbass.


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