Canadian Lobby against Chinese investment

On March 28, a news item in the Globe and Mail made my day. It quoted MP Tony Peter Clement, Tory public safety critic saying that allowing Chinese electronic company, Hong Kong-based O-Net Technology Group to buy Montreal-based ITF Technologies, a leader in fibre-laser technology is against the national interest.

This does not bode well for Canada’s interests, especially in a Canada-China free-trade deal. How much more is Trudeau willing to give away?,” said Clement.

Many Canadian still remember how MP Tony Clement, son of a Syrian Jewish family, had always supported Israel’s interests over Canada’s interests during Tory government under Israeli stooge Stephen Harper.

The Zionist regime has a long history of selling US military technology to China which it gets free thanks to American traitors in the Congress and the Senate.

Another pro-Israel security expert, Ward Elcock, former director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (1994-2004), which is accused of fabricating Muslim terrorist events for the benefit of Israel, said: “If the technology is as sensitive as the report you mentioned in the ‘Globe and Mail’ would suggest, then I would have to say that it is not something I would have recommended be approved.”

Ottawa needs Chinese investments in its effort to reverse Canada’s sagging economy. China, too, wants a free trade agreement with Canada. It wants to invest in tar sands pipeline projects and an extradition treaty so that people accused of crimes who flee to Canada can be extradited back to China.

While Zionist Jews and pro-Israel White supremacists are targeting Muslims in the US and Europe, in Canada, the Chinese are starting to feel the heat once again. Canada’s Jewish-controlled media led by the anti-Muslim National Post had been running anti-China campaign since 1971 when as result of Justin’s father, prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s diplomacy, the Communist China sent its first ambassador to Ottawa.

China and Pakistan have been allies since 1948. Both countries have always considered India as regional threat. Pakistan have fought three major wars with India while China fought only one short war with India.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau visited China last year. Former prime minister Stephen Harper had visited China in 2014.

It was during the elder Trudeau’s premiership that the organized Jewry tookover Canada.


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