Trump’s $1 trillion plan to save America from Muslims

Donald Trump administration’s proposed immediate budget cuts of US$18 billion from programs like medical research, infrastructure and community grants (97% of which are given to Jewish groups) would supposedly cover the cost of a 20 feet high anti-refugee wall along the US-Mexico border. Some independent sources have claimed that the proposed wall could cost US taxpayers more than US$22 billion.

Well, if you think that’s ridiculous – you would be happy to know that new Zionist administration plans to spend US$1 trillion to keep America safe from plastic-knives holder Muslims.

While Donald Trump claims that such cuts in government subsidiaries would save over US$2.5 trillion over ten years – he seeks additional US$54 billion in military spending to defend Americans from Russia which is the best fake news I have heard so far.

An American who is lucky enough to study United States’ history from some object source will learn that the US has always terrorized, invaded and occupied foreign lands in its past 400 year history. Currently, its active duty military personnel are stationed in 150 countries.

The US and Soviet Russian never fought a war even during 46-years of the so-called Cold War. In fact, the US and USSR collaborated against Nazi Germany during WWII. Since the nuclear war-age, the Pentagon has never declared war on a country with nuclear deterrent even North Korea which has the lowest numbers of nuclear bombs (9). Pentagon has always picked on nations which didn’t even conventional army such as Vietnam, Somalia, and Afghanistan.

The WWIII hoax between the US and Russia is meant to scare Putin in order to make him stop supporting Syria, China and Iran. That was the very reason both the US and Israel created the Russia-Georgia conflict in 2008.

No matter how Israeli poodle Sen. John McCain paint the Russian threat to America – a demoralized US military cannot defeat Russian army. Don’t take my word – just listen to Michael Peck, the Jew military expert and editor at Military Times. In an article published at Forbes magazine, entitled, 7-Reasons Why America Will Never Go To War Over Ukraine. One only needs to replace Ukraine with Syria to understand America’s military threat to Iran which is backed by three nuclear powers – Russia, China and Pakistan.

Pentagon’s new offense budget (against China, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Venezuela, etc.) of US$664 billion is larger than military spending by Russia, China, UK, France, Germany, India, and Saudi Arabia put together.

In addition to the US$664 billion, the US taxpayers would be asked to shoulder several other security expenses to save themselves from those brown Muslims who have allegedly planned to destroy the White race through large immigration and mixed marriage such as veterans’ affairs, nuclear weapons, so-called homeland security, and maintenance that take the budget up to $773 billion. Add to this paying for the ‘foreign contingency’ wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Plus hundreds of bases around the globe and black programs, adding up to about $1 trillion annually – and let us not forget US$38 billion to Israel to keep Muslim population passing 2 billion mark.


3 responses to “Trump’s $1 trillion plan to save America from Muslims

  1. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  2. Damn Russians and Muslims put their countries so close to the US’s bases. They’re just asking for it. And why are the Russian and Muslims always sending fleets of warships to patrol in the Gulf of Mexico? What?! It’s the US patrolling the Persian Gulf and Black Sea?! Oh, forget it.

    And then there are the Russian and Muslim daily drone sorties and attacks on people, schools and wedding parties. What?! US flown drones and attacks?! Oh, forget it.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  3. My father is much uncomfortable with my new Khazarian-wise awareness, its intellectually underpinnings not withstanding. After Trump was selected in November, I told him to watch for and take a count of the 1.73%, Khazarians, that come to surround Trump.

    Yesterday, with Ivanka’s ascendance, he called me to say, “My God, if this were a military operation one would say that Trump was under siege.” A pretty good summary from someone that is beginning to see it.

    Wait until I roll out the list of Khazarians in Trump’s background: Epstein and Cohn for starters.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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